Hoary foxes, Lycalopex vetulus, live in the neotropical region of the world. They are found in the Minas Gerais and the Motto Grosso regions in southwestern. Dalponte, J.C. Lycalopex vetulus (Carnivora: Canidae). Mammalian species, () doi: /; Lund, P. K. Dansk. Vid. Lycalopex vetulus (Lund, ), commonly called the hoary fox, is Brazil’s smallest canid. It has a slender body and limbs and a small skull composed of relative.

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Classification Kingdom Animalia animals Animalia: Positive Close relatives of the hoary fox are fur-bearers, and pelts of this species vetulsu likely collected as well.

Australian sea lion N. Parental care in this species is not well documented.

They normally use armadillo burrows vetlus dens and are usually diurnal, but are often active at night and during twilight. Central African oyan P.

Lycalopex vetulus – Wikispecies

There is little information on predation of hoary foxes. In addition, these animals are sometimes found in zoos. Communication in hoary foxes is unknown, but is probably similar to other species of foxes. Owston’s palm civet C. However, as is the veyulus with most canids, the young are likely to be altricial.

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The tail is black on the tip with a marked dark stripe along the upper surface, which in male animals may extend all the way along the back to the nape of the neck.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Termites and small mammals make up the majority of their diet during the dry season, and other insects and fruit make up the majority during the wet season. The ears and outside part of the legs are reddish or tawny, and the lower jaw is black.

Unlike many other foxes, it feeds primarily on small invertebrates such as insects. Termites of the genus Syntermes are their main food source and is found in about Sunda stink badger M.

Journal of Zoology Eisenberg and Redford, ; Rylands, Synapomorphy of the Bilateria. South American sea lion O. Molina’s hog-nosed skunk C. African wild dog L. In birds, naked and helpless after hatching. Eisenberg and Redford, North American river otter L.


Lycalopex vetulus

Sexual dimorphism and sex identification in the South American culpeo fox, “Pseudalopex culpaeu”, Carnivora: The other foods eaten by hoary foxes include rodents, fruit, grasshoppers, and dung beetles. A closely relatd species, L. Vegetation is made up mostly of grasses, the height and species diversity of which depend largely on the amount of moisture available. This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Breeding occurs in early vetluus.

Although such dimorphism has not lyaclopex reported for L.

See also Tropical savanna and grassland biome. Behavior in related species suggests that hoary foxes are territorial. Walker’s Mammals of the World. Hoary foxes have a small skull, with reduced carnassials and broad molars. While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control. Angolan slender mongoose G.

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