It is a retelling of the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn researched many. Beastly is a novel by Alex Flinn. It is a retelling of the fairytale Beauty and the Beast set in modern-day New York City from the view of the beast. Flinn. Fera – Beastly (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Alex Flinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. O livro de Alex Flinn e uma adaptacao moderna do .

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When other girls idolized real life celebrities, I idolized Belle. And of course there’s the wonderful blooming of true love. All he wants to do is just laugh in her face Visit her online at www. But its her I am and I am glad Emma stuck to who she was and never faltered. Still it was fun to read after Beastly. They do present why Kendra has reservations on helping people, even though she wants to.

This was one of Kendra’s fails, due to unseen circumstances. Aug 02, willaful rated it really liked it Shelves: The message about inside and outside beauty is a good one for young teens. Apr 30, Tatiana rated it liked it Shelves: When he plays an evil trick on a fat, ugly girl named Kendra, he is cursed to become what he really is – a b This book is a charming retelling of the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Beastly: Lindy’s Diary by Alex Flinn

Where was the time for terrorizing the subway?? They were super fun. It’s a remake, modern-take on Beauty and the Beast.

Although, I’ll totally admit, even though I don’t usually like books written in diary format, I didn’t hate it for this one. I still enjoyed this novella; it has a quick read and a most for Beastly fans.


But I am familiar with The Little Mermaid.


The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher. Emma, who is plain and quiet, rarely has the courage to speak up for herself, is quickly forced into the role of the “evil bexstly.

She’s a typical teenager with a gorgeous evil stepsister, Lisette. And because of that, five stars. Bewitching had everything I was looking for in a fairytale. It is a bewstly read, because the setting spans two years. The story starts off with Kendra’s back round.

Its a Cinderella story told from the not so pretty step sister. Many of these are playfully alluded to in portions of the book, particularly the chat room transcripts in which the character of Kyle talks to other teens who have been transformed into creatures. View all 25 comments. Breathing Underwater was Flinn’s first novel.

And I hope it’s a whole lot better than this book. Abby-Rose Elisa Sparrow There is a special lkbro of Beastly which includes this novella as a bonus feature. It gathers a lot of inspiration from children’s fairy tales with a modern, tween twist. This probably influenced m NOTE: He fixes beasty a room for her, leaving roses and books for her to amuse herself with. Finally, the novel itself. I truly enjoyed this dlinn – which is no surprise considering my soft spot for fairy tales!

When she wrote about Kendra in her earlier days, she described everything so well!

19 best Alex Flinn images on Pinterest | Libros, Author and Books to Read

I have power born of passion. This was such a sharp thorn in an otherwise beautiful story.


She’s the one to teach him money and looks don’t matter as long as you’ve got a good heart. In alot or retelling, it seems that most of the admiration goes towards beauty and sometimes knowledge. Lisette is Emma’s stepsister and her mother has died, so she has come to live with her biological father. I Am Number Four. And I’ll stay this way forever—ruined—unless I can break the spell I am a beast.

Alex Crusan, a year-old Beastpy positive high school junior, is attacked in his car early one morning and allex to the hospital. True to the beastoy, we are stuck waiting until the last minute for any resolution to his curse.

He is locked in a mansion-like apartment by his equally shallow, image-obsessed father. Bewitching, re-telling classic tales through the eyes of the witch, breathes new life into these stories and shows us to quote my favorite witch What if the fairy tales we all grew up on got it wrong?

It’s set in modern times in NYC. Aalex you never know what will happen when I start.

After a year of being in this state, and trying and failing to find love, Kyle changes his name to Adrian to reflect his feelings of being a completely different person from the conceited, materialistic boy he used to be. I Am Number Four: It was inte There are different sides to every story It was definitely an easy read, I finished this page book within about 3 hours.

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