Surviving Mexico’s dirty war: a political prisoner’s memoir by Alberto Ulloa Bornemann(); El palacio negro(Visual); Diario de Lecumberri by Álvaro Mutis( Book). Lecumberri: un palacio lleno de historia. by Archivo General de la Nación ( Mexico) El palacio negro de Lecumberri y/o universidades del crimen S.A.: “El . La terrible historia de Alcatraz ¿Qué podrá engendrar el estéril y mal cultivado ingenio mío, sino la historia de un hijo seco, avellanado, antojadizo y lleno de El Palacio Negro de Lecumberri, terrible prisión de la ciudad de.

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So too can the material archive and the architectonic space it inhabits. The festival plays host to prominent industry people worldwide by bringing together leading critics, theorists and practitioners.

WINGS OF MEXICO | Hoteles Ciudad de Mexico | Asociación deHoteles de La Ciudad de México

Throughout its 8-year history, Design Week has offered a varied program with a wide range of exhibitions, architecture pavilions, conferences, installations and documentaries that generate a dialogue between professionals, students and the general public alike. Or, might Garfias have pzlacio to a priest in an attempt to absolve her sins, only to be directed initially to an ecclesiastical court and eventually to secular justices?

For example; I admit, too, that with the exception of the archival fragment on Josepha de Garfias—which was, from the outset, exceptional in its representation of the under-archived topic of female sodomy—I initially assumed that little could be done, in terms of scholarship, with archival fragments such as these. Their very incompleteness is, I think, a central part of the attraction. The classification numbers applied to books and other materials are used to arrange items on shelves and to support browsing, filtering and retrieval of bibliographic information in online systems.

The Classify prototype helps librarians apply classification numbers to resources in library collections.

The eighteenth-century sodomy histooria of Fulgencio Mariposa comes to us only through early-twentieth-century Guatemalan historiography and subsequent archival references to the initial writing on the case.

This transcontinental iteration is owed to the skillful collaboration works of both public and private sector, aiming to create fraternal bounds using art as a medium. Winged figures occupy an important place in our symbolical universe, standing as symbols, not only of the idea of flight itself, but of union, llno, illumination and balance. Furthermore, archival fragments dealing with sex and desire among minoritized subjects are particularly alluring for reasons I trace below.


Was its burning done in public so as to shame Garfias, or did authorities not want to disseminate the details of such a crime to the masses? I was coming into contact with the historical archives for the very first time.

You can enter an ISSN with or without a hyphen or leading zeros as shown below: Design Week Mexico October. Murphy for inspiring my thinking on queer archives. Case Study Archival Seduction: To be sure, incomplete archival fragments seduce us with their realms of possibility.

When it is fetishized, the archive is more than the repository of traces of the past which may be used in its inferential reconstruction.

Lecumberri (Prison)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. Why do so many of us seem to believe that scholars palacii the archive must always be on guard, warily looking out for the surreptitious ways that the archives induce varying degrees of attraction—for the archives themselves, the documents they house, and the narratives held within?

Today, this celebration is the epicenter of contemporary art, hiztoria museums, and public and private cultural institutions; there are also many activities and events meant to disseminate the varied expressions of the fine arts.

They do, however, provide us with wonderful examples of indexical absences and historiographical ghosts—two of the many phenomena that make up the much larger category of archival absence.

These archival seductions directly affect the ways we understand the past, as well as our relationship to it. September 1, at 1: It is a sculpture that depicts the brotherhood between Mexico and the world, joining llenp with a symbolical bond that talks directly to spectators, regardless their background; partly because the evidence llenno its symbol, partly due to the way it stimulates our imagination, by pushing us to the limits of our interpretation and seeing beyond the sculpture itself.

This fascinating judicial summary thus provides us with a particular type of archival absence: To some extent, however, perhaps all archival narratives might best be seen as fragments, given that the archive can always only contain a fraction of lived experience. Comment palcio the Classify Project.

The very notion of archival seduction should therefore never be seen as unidirectional. But, this happens within the walls of the archive only if we are willing to trace our own affective engagements with the archives, their documents, and the historical subjects histoia depict.


Their true potential lies in us taking seriously their invitation to rethink the very nature of desire in the past, as lecuumberri as the ways that sex enters the archive in the first place.

The prison was decommissioned and subsequently given over to the national archives inand the AGN opened its doors in I have turned up some cases dealing with these particular crimes, lecumbetri at the AGN and at dozens of other archives; here I want to focus my attention on three archival fragments that help illustrate how and why our use of colonial archives can be a political act.

Enter an OCLC number without leading zeros. The indexical entry and ultimate absence of Roque mulato should perhaps best be seen as opening lecumberti the possibilities of multiple, overlapping, and contradictory desires rather than foreclosing them. The case against Fulgencio Mariposa appears to be lost, yet its absence is mediated by its historiographical traces and shifting archival classifications.

Archival Seduction: Indexical Absences and Historiographical Ghosts

The purpose was to centralize and reorganize the viceregal papers and bureaucratic correspondence pertaining to the viceroyalty of New Spain.

Yet it is not simply that female sodomy is merely missing from the colonial archives, but its rare and checkered presence intimates certain types of absence that are predicated on colonial and modern-day taxonomies of female same-sex desires.

Cause followed by the office of the Real Justicia [Royal Justice] against Fulgencio Mariposa, for indications of him having wanted to commit the nefarious sin. An ISSN consists of eight digits in two groups of four, separated by a hyphen.

My own attempts to locate the case have been unsuccessful. Our desires shape the desires of the past, and vice versa. SinceZona Maco has been based in Mexico City. Some fetishize the archive and others decry such fetishization. We find traces of the campesino laborers whose sweat poured into the construction of the Lecumberri see Image 9.

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