Getting Started with : Important Details. # Inheritance. Reference App; Welcome; Manage Things. Credits; Demo Mode. The stack versions provide + + + in a single file.

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Any update on this? What are the advantages of Knockback. Do you have any experience with Knockback in production? Anyway, the success of production systems has more to do with the quality of the developer.

JQuery is well documented and widely accepted. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help centerplease edit the question.

Getting Started: Basics

However, it does mean that a lot of tutorials talk in different paradigms. So the question is “is knockBack going to be a long term supportable solution? Looks like SO thinks this question has been deleted, but I would enjoy reading this.

Components Knockback is compatible with the following components: It uses two conventions to provide the notifications:. Dave Cadwallader 1, 12 Main benefit of Knockback. I also like what I’m seeing with Angular. I’m wary to use it since it doesn’t seem to be mature enough. It also seems that Angular. Usage You can manually bind a pane-navigator: As you probably know, Backbone is known to have a fantastic syncing system built as close as possible to the RESTful pattern.

As someone unfamiliar with both of these some context would be very appreciated. After a while, I found the view coding too slow so I wrote Mixin.

MarkRobinson – I think Mihai was referring to Knock back. Don’t get me wrong. PaneNavigator This component provides a way to embed moveable panes within you HTML for example, sliding between items one at a time with or without transition animations and provides the page transition functionality to kb.


Skating that thin ice of unsuportability. This component provides a page navigator with no history and no transitions.

Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Important Details

Comes bundled with knockback-pane-navigator. It is the nature of the beast, this bleeding edge of innovation. It is a lot more clear from the description on https: I’m going to propose the FuckThis paradigm until I can come up with something that makes some sort of sense. Glad you’re enjoying the subroute plugin! Todd on Sept 2, Thank you. Kototama on Sept 2, Projects Vidigami Submit yours now! So here it is Knockout is great for syncing between the client and server, and does history and routing well.

Dependencies Knockback requires Knockout. It uses two conventions to provide the notifications: And from what I know of it’s creator Steve Sanderson, I don’t see a problem with using it. From what I’ve seen of both and having used Backbone professionallywhile backbone has more documentation on the web, the problem is it’s a very flexible framework and it doesn’t force much upon the developer, which is great.

Routing In Knockback, while using Knockout. Thank you for taking the time to package and release this! It is meant for getting up and running quickly in knociback, client side versions if you use require, just require each module separately.

Brandon Wittwer 1 8. Release Notes Please look at the release notes if you are migrating from an earlier version. Can another provide examples of where one would be superior over the other?


Getting Started with Knockback.js: Knockback.js Basics

This component provides a way to embed moveable panes within you HTML for example, sliding between items one at a time with or without transition animations and provides the page transition functionality to kb.

I’ve seen people mess up production knockbxck with Jquery. When an element is created, Knockback binds Knockout’s dispose node callback:. Unfortunately I can’t comment on backbone as I haven’t used beyond tutorials, someone else might be able to assist though. Adding Transition Animations You can provide transition animations either during routing assymetic reverse transitions will not work if the page can be reloaded or during button clicks.

If you consider localized labels as observed properties, then you can understand how Knockback provides kncokback to your applications. Im proper use of tools Too often, ms a large Backbone application you find yourself building up views with too much logic in them, almost always requiring sub-state management.

As I used it more, I built additional functionality like Backbone. Is knockback the best of both? Your voice will help us improve JavaScript. Can the knockbacm s who downvoted this please explain the downvotes? The main issue is leaving the routing solution up to the library user allowing for any routing solution and generalizing the mechanism for checking the fragment to route.

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