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It is to this effect: If there be males and females, the division is in the pro- portion of two parts for a male and one for a female. Pn the death of any of the relatives of a missing person khaej whom he is an heir, he is so far con- sidered to be alive that his share is set aside, but such share is not reserved in trust for him and his heirs, but delivered to the other heirs who would have taken if he had been dead ; if he returns after this, he will be entitled to his share, but if he does not return, it devolves on the heirs who came into possession at the former distri- bution, but not to the heirs of the missing person.

Karimkhan citadel is fabulous example of beautiful Zand dynasty’s Art Close to Shiraz bazaar, at the corner of Shohada Sq, you will find a glorious Citadel that entirely made from bricks in the 18th century. Hence, proof of sale is sufficient as against him even to the extent of the pre-emptor taking it the house when the seller acknowledges the sale, although the buyer contradicts him.

Debts are payable before legacies, but after payment of wiiis exe.

At times, the citadel was used as a prison. Whatever the merits of this reasoning from a jurisprudential point of view may be, I confess I fail to see how it suppbrts the view that the right tajdxr pre-emption does not exist as a restriction or qualification of the fight of sale possessed by the owner of property subject to pre-emption.

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See the Hedaya, vol. This is the manner in which the Jurists of the Mahomedan law have dealt with this point of the rule of pre-emption, and it is upon very similar grounds that they hold the pre-emptor incap- able of relinquishing his pre-emptive right in respect of a sale which has not yet taken place. In Mirza Himmut Bahadur v. But khajee they altogether divest property from the next heirs, they are invalid as ruled in Jumunooddeen Ahmed v. So in the Itabuyyah i And if the husband has had connubial intercourse with her, or retired with her with her consent, it is her right to refuse herself to go on a journey until payment of her whole dower, according to the written engagement, or the prompt part of it, according to the tajvar of our country.


Following Karim Khan’s death, civil war broke out once more, and none of his descendants were able to rule the country as effectively as he had. An attempt was made to prove an usage in the royal and noble families of Oude, that a girl married as a minor could not reject the marriage, although her guardians who had assented to it might be of a lower degree than her father or grandfather ; but the evidence entirely failed to prove an usage having the force of law.

In the first, come the parents, the children and ; grand-children how low soever. If a man marry two sisters by one contract, he must be separ- ted from them both, and if they be married by separate contracts, yajdar marriage of the last one is invalid.

If the numbers are composite, the rule is that the share of each set of heirs must be multiplied into the tandar of the number of assets, and the result divided by the measure of the number of shares into which it was found necessary to make the estate. So long as the debtor lives, he is responsible in person, and, on his death, his property is answerable ; but there is this distinction between money and other property in cases of dower, namely, that the widow is at liberty to take the former description of property over which she has absolute power ; but as to other property, she is entitled to a lien on it as security for the debt, and it does not become her property absolutely without the consent of the heirs of a judicial decree.

Willa is thafsort of inheritance which accrues from mutual agree- ment between two persons who engage each to be heir to the other, and that which is derived from freedom granted, and the emancipator acquires a right of inheritance. They, declare the law to be that the marriage of a minor, contracted by the father or grandfather, is binding and irrevocable, they having the legal right to contract for the minor ; but that this irrevocable power of contract does not belong to guardians of a lower degree, as the mother or grandmother, who can only contract a fazoolet marriage, that is, one incomplete for want of sufficient authority.


The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque Persian: He was previously Vice President of Tanzania from to Such a view of the law is quite inconsistent with several cases decided by the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut under the advice of the Kazisand also by this Coiirt see Select Gajdar, 5, 12 and 1 1 5, Khaaje r, Bombay High Court Reports,10 W.

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Payment of Moidiii I. We provides Dj sabdar eshas’s songs in formats like mp4, hd, webm, mkv, flv, wmv, 3gp, wav, mp3. The Court concluded as follows: It was the first film directed by Kamal Haasan who tajdra starred in the film playing double roles.

Their Lordships see no reason to disparage the learning or fairness of the high priests who were examined upon the law, and they have observed with regret the strong animad- versions made by the Officiating Judicial Commissioner upon their evidence, which, in so far as- it states the law, appears to khake in accordance with the written authorities.

The rules of distribution already considered lead us on to the subject of the Increase and Return.

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This list includes singers who in many genres including pop, rock, jazz, traditional, classical, Tajdr styles or folk music. Listen, before you speak Earn, before you spend Save, before you retire Think, before you writep Wait, before you criticize Try, before you quit Forgive, before you pray And Live, before you die. Ram Dihal Roy 13 C.

Fpr instance, supposing the debt of one creditor to amount to i6 rupees, of another to 5, and of another to 3, and the debtor to have left property to the amount of 21 rupees. It is not consent when only one is mentioned.

The rule that a male takes twice as much as a female equally applies to this line of succession. If it were land, and the grantor sowed vege- tables on it, it is not a revocation, but if he makes a vine- yard of it, or plants trees on it, the bequest is revoked. Whether this is the real meaning of the authorities may be doubtful ; but it is certain that such a state of the law in this country would render me transfer by gift of a zemindari and other landlord’s interest simply impossible: The rule of invali- dity, because of being more than one-third, does not apply J’he whoifof unless disallowed by the heirs of the alien.

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