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The imperial family already departed changed plans when arriving in Bombay and went on a visit to Baghdad not Tehran and then to Beirut, where the young princes went to school. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Along the way, everywhere and in every city, the people gave the Shah kefab tremendous welcome.

Ketab tarikhi pdf

He put the affairs of state in his crown prince’s hands taking care for the welfare of the nation and people. At this tragic moment when the future of my country is at risk, all my thoughts are with my people,to whom I address this declaration: Tarikbi move was clearly unconstitutional.

The establishment of new principles and new ideas in international relations with the formation of the League of Nations.

I had to add to this thread as the last message really pissed me off! Sardar Sepah anticipated that Soltan Ahmad Shah could return to Iran whenever he gathered enough willpower to do so, which would then cause a major handicap for him.

Baraye ghodrat donya ra hamle kardand. He got in contact with the European powers – and at least was trapped by diplomatic maneuvers of France and Britain and his own lack of diplomacy!

Oh please go read some geographic books first then talk about Iran and its history. His ideas were based on the concept of Sufism and kind of idealistic. Dowleh and the minister Nosrat harikhi a treaty which made Iran de facto a British colony or at least a protectorate. Because the shah took with him all money in cash and gold as well as the private tarikhu jewels on ketxb trip to Europe, at least, Mostowfi considered him negativley a coward that “a firecracker in the next room” made him left the country as a fugitive lounging around the hotels tarlkhi Europe.


Thanking his hosts, he reminded them that while he was not the first monarch of Persia to enjoy the hospitality of the city of London, he could lay claim to the honor of being the first constitutional monarch of Persia received there. You are overly biased. Nice attempt persian, your an idiot. I strongly raise my voice in protest against this coup d’etat. Brian August 22, at 3: The Athenians whom the movies called weak nancies were the democrats, and they were still pretty awful people.

Sardar Sepah went to the port of Bushehr to prepare the reception for the Shah’s arrival. It was customary for the Shah to send with any worthless prince a man capable of guiding him, called a vizier. We wished to assist him indeveloping the resources of his native land. Ketabb thus was still the shah and the coup government illegitimate. My resignation would be interpreted as an act of assent and an agreement on my part that rulership was not mine by right.

That indeed is the case. Now and in the future, I consider null and void all acts emanating from such a government and committed under its rule. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The Father of Lies overtly-biased account of the Battle of Thermopyle, in which the Persian destroyed the tiny Spartan army of madmen on the Greek ktab.

In tarikhu, Ahmad Shah’s speech and attitude concerning the Anglo-Persian Agreement on a banquet at London, 31 Octobershows how he really thought about it.


Email required Address never made public. Valjean July 3, at Che chizi az in farhange azize Irani monde emrooz?

How a Persian sees and interprets things in his physical or mental vicinity. What does the ketwb have to do with this subject anyway!!! That is unheard of sick and heart trembling scum. He receives inhabitants and listens to their requests, and a special royal attendant gives them the shah’s answer. Their image is distorted in yet another american film that attempts to re-write history see U Manoutchehr Eskandari-Qajar in his interesting article “Persia’s honor: Every Spartan soldier had 7 slaves in the battle of Thermopyle, and Spartans were known throughout history for taking their neighbors as slaves.

Kapital 1 Flashcards by Mostafa Af | Brainscape

By Arian Kazem Zarrinkafsch-Bahman. Go do some research before making a biased statement. This could be a clear manifestation that up to this point, it had not occurred to Sardar Sepah to even think about becoming king himself,” p. Herodotus, wrote about this these events hundreds of years after they occurred, so one of education can assume the accuracy of this information to be misleading. Here we found the traditional image of Soltan Ahmad Shah as a weak king not interested in matters of state, corrupt and only interested in money.

Makki states that Soltan Ahmad Shah, upon hearing of this offer from Tarijhi Sepahbody, answered “Please offer my thanks. Ta akhar haye farse khashayar shah vazeshon aslan khob nabod.

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