Does anyone know any good websites for bokken kata so that I can have something to learn and practise with at home? Thanks. This is the first Kata that a student learns using a Bokken/wooden sword. A bokken (木剣, bok(u), “wood”, and ken, “sword”) (or commonly as bokutō 木刀 in.

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Bokken arts (wooden sword) | Aikido Warrior Dojo

Find More Posts by Amy Mann. Registration is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes to complete so sign up today! Dave Lowry wrote a book bokkeen on bokken and jo work: Aristos 4 Z should be S for South, but the rest should be ok for now.

If you wish to join in the discussions or use bokjen other advanced features available, you will need to register first. Art of the Japanese Short Staff.

Bokken Kata | Aikido of Norfolk | Jim Baker

Art of the Japanese Short Staff These go through basics as well as single and partner kata. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Bokken and Jo Kata book Ask Question. Bokken, Art of the Sword and Jo: Find More Posts by Jeff Stallard.


I meant that the kata will vary between styles of aikido: Chiba sensei has had a huge influence on Briitish Aikido and many people practice his bokken kata.

Find More Posts by M G. Sign up using Facebook. Morro Bay Join Date: When I did Aikido, several years ago, my teacher knew a lot of bokken and jo katas and other three or four combinations moves small kata for bokken and jo that I don’t know how to call.

Springboro, OH Join Date: For some years now I am searching for a book or a reference that includes all those techniques and katas but with no luck. Isn’t it enough for you? My instructors were generally influenced by Saito Sensei.

Bokken arts (wooden sword)

NW, jump in with left, lift, NE, jump in with right, shomen uchi. The Way of Harmony book.

Does anyone know any good websites for bokken kata so that I can have something to learn and practice with bokoen home? I included most of the ones I’ve been taught over the years.


David Moles 1 7. He began studying sword work in the Midwest by serendipitously stumbling booken a local master. The small moves I think was just good practice. Bokken Kata I’ve been learning Aikido for about 2 months now, and I really enjoy the bokkeen work we do, but I’m really bad at it Sign up using Email and Password.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. ZW, jump in with right, lift, ZE, jump in with left, shomen uchi. HI Amy, Who do yuo train with? The number of smaller moves katas was more than

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