Scientific Name: Juniperus flaccida Schltdl. var. flaccida. Parent Species: See Juniperus flaccida. Taxonomic Source(s): Farjon, A. A Handbook of the. Juniperus flaccida. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species e. TA TAen. Juniperus flaccida. Juniperus flaccida Schltdl. Weeping Juniper, Drooping Juniper, Mexican Weeping Juniper, Mexican Drooping Juniper.

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Buchanan, Mary Buerger, J.

Drooping juniper, drooping cedar Peattiecedro, cedro liso, cipres, enebro, sabino, tlascal, tascate, Mexican drooping juniper Zanoni and Adamsweeping juniper Flacccida A tree about 8 m tall in Morelos [C. Heisch, Randy Henderson, Mary S.

Image Verification This image has not been verified. Texas Zanoni and Adamsrlaccida it grows in the Chisos Mtns. Branchlet from the tree shown above [C. Bark cinnamon red-brown or gray red-brown, exfoliating in broad interlaced fibrous strips.

Plant Database

It is quite possible that larger specimens occur in Mexico, but I have junuperus information on this. Pollen is shed late winter-early spring Adams [describing, at that time, var.


All leaves decurrent, with free tips, foliage very weeping, bark exfoliating in thin, scaly, plates. Bugh, Valerie Bugh, Valerie G.

Scale foliage and pollen cones from the tree shown above [C. Morey, Roy Morrison, Junipeus G. Big Bend National Park Accession date: Tree, collected along the toll road ca. For a long time from the midth Century to aboutthere was only one Mexican juniper with drooping foliage, and it was called Juniperus flaccida. This is a dated citation; the big tree register is now available online.

Bark on branchlets mm diameter smooth, that on larger branches exfoliating in wide strips or plates. Wasowski, Sally and Andy State: Brief versions of the descriptions are available online at www.

Dioecious trees up to 12 m tall, trunks forking m above base, crown globose. Pingry, Carl Pisapia, Robert J.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

Goldman, Cindy Gore, Barry G. Seed cones small, 5- 6 -9 mm diam. Perez de la Rosa and M. Marr, Minnette Martin, Edwin M. Cones on a tree of J.


Junipperus that this map includes all three taxa known as J. Dunatchik, David Duncan, Robert C. The National Register of Big Trees. Available online at juniperus.

If you can verify this image, please contact the Native Plant Database Manager. From the Image Gallery 8 photo s available in the gallery. The species closely resembles J. Back Site map Contact us. This site is not designed for commercial use or publication. Gould, David Gouveia, Charles, H.

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