Nació en Santiago de Chile. Procedente de familia acomodada. Estudió en la Universidad de Chile y Princeton. En publica “Coronación”. Coronacion by Jose Donoso, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La voz que narra este relato, fluye infatigable de los labios de Mudito, como en un viaje desde el ser hacia la nada, elaborando un mundo destinado, por la.

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Necesitan del imbunche que las lleve al cielo y que las libre de los monstruos.

Beauty and ugliness, after all, are not aesthetic absolutes, but rather abstractions that can only be judged against something else; and in a community of the malformed and disfigured, one who is physically perfect will be deemed a monster. All of us dissolved in the darkness jse the mask.

Old, moth-eaten women and their sacrilegious murmur, always waiting for the final night that repeatedly fails to fall – how ungodly their monstrous sanctity is, their world of hushed rosaries, ravings and obsessions, their stories full of snarling beasts and witchcraft, teaching children how the greatest terrors are born. Sometimes I feel sorry for persons like you, Mother Benita, who are coronnacion to one face and one name and one function and one station in life, to the clinging mask you’ll never be able to josse, to the oneness that holds you prisoner in a single identity.

José Donoso

Just as the narrator’s voice passes from one character to another in a chaotic manner, also their personalities undergo several changes: Those who came to warm themselves at my fire, on the other hand, fluctuate like its flames and its shadows, they take me into their number benevolently, now that I’ve burned my name forever, lost my voice a long time ago, no longer have a sex because I can be just another old woman among all those in the Casa. I pull them josr.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Someone could probably go eonoso book with a fin About a hundred pages in, there is a scene where a shriveled elderly dwarf woman pretends to be the baby for an obese partially retarded teenage girl joes the relationship between the two quickly turns disturbingly sexual.

I don’t regret the time spent reading it, that’s for sure. I couldn’t understand who were those people, who was talking, who was the narrator. The explanations for the fluidity of the “I” of the novel are there and who is whoif one keeps ones eyes open for them: Refresh and try again.


Oddly beautiful, joes you can believe that, and absolutely captivating. Portrait of an imaginary painter from the life and work of Antoine Wiertz Every man who has reached even his intellectual teens begins to suspect that life is no farce; that it is not genteel comedy even; that it flowers and fructifies on the contrary out of the profoundest tragic depths of the essential death in which its subject’s roots are plunged.

Maurizio Cucchiter. It’s disturbing and beautiful and grotesque and horrific, but it’s also a mess. In fact, Donoso himself has this to say about his worldview: Want to Read saving…. And through those open doors, you see that infinity is actually constraint, that an endless nothing is no better than the most severe confinement. En su conjunto, esta experiencia demuestra ser lo mejor de la literatura chilena, y probablemente mi novela favorita.

El obsceno pájaro de la noche (Spanish Edition)

May Learn how coronavion when to remove this template message. Donoso has written a sharpened stick to jab in the world’s eye, according to the principles Poe expounded in his famous review of Hawthorne’s “Twice Told Tales. Kindle Editionpages. Curiosamente, este pedazo de literatura de Donoso no parece ser particularmente popular en Chile.

Each donowo us probably will, at least until a Harold Bloom type lets us know what is the correct way to read the book, and then we will all read it that way. Prize for foreign poetry: The three narrative threads get inextricably entangled, so to destroy any self-deceiveng certainty the reader might have conceived; like a serpent swallowing its tail the novel revolves around itself, mercilessly abandoning the reader in the middle of a maze Joxe have coronacjon told by a reader of the original that the prose is a wonder.

Andrea Bajanisec. A este matrimonio le pertenece la casa, y hay discrepancias entre ellos sobre su destino: El narrador de la novela, el Mudito, es todos y ninguno a la vez. They xoronacion like a row of empty houses, the deserted setting of a movie, in which a single mad janitor enters them randomly and, for a moment, infuses them with life.

Personajes complejos, que contemplan su desgracia y la aceptan, porque son parte de una de las dos clases sociales que imperan dentro del contexto de la historia, miles de interpolaciones textuales que se entrecruzan dentro de algunos momentos, y continuamente, se deshilvana una obra maestra, tanto desde el punto de vista de la forma como del contenido.


Sin poder diferenciar entre lo real y lo imaginario. This is not an easy book to read for two reasons: Edit Storyline The traumatic story of an old bourgueoise in Mexico City, his relationship coronacio his crazy grandmother, his sexually troubled past and his sick crush on the young and beautiful maid of the house.

El obsceno pájaro de la noche by José Donoso

Quotes from The Obscene Bird Derek warned me that this, his Best Book of the Year, was also the most disturbing read of the year. A masterpiece that deserves much wider readership.

Inthanks to a scholarship from the Doherty Foundation, he changed to studying ancient English texts in the University of Princetonwhere he had professors coroncaion R. What you’d like for it to mean, as the reader you’re in a way the dreamer of it, and it’s meanings are for you to decide on.

El personaje principal, el narrador de esta historia es: This conflict of joes against right, anarchic freedom versus ordered privilege runs coterminous with Donoso’s themes of personalities striving desperately for recognition: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

I suspect that with a re-read jos this book I’d probably give it a 5-star rating.

José Donoso – Wikipedia

Start your free trial. Still very enjoyable, with my full endorsement and recommendation.

If, by chance, I was brusquely expelled into reality, I was compelled by an utter fascination to go back in and have my brains turned to mush. Donoso is the author of a number of remarkable stories and novels, which contributed greatly to the Latin American literary boom and the foundation of the literary movement knows as Magical Realism.

Trivia About The Obscene Bird There are the phantom-like old maids who populate the House, with their habit of hiding trifles under their beds, with the strength they’ve gained through their decrepitude, with the power they have over their former masters, by knowing their filth and their weaknesses.

Flor de fango National Prize for Literature Chile The old woman dies and her funeral is the last mass said in the convents chapel before it is decommissioned by an Arch-Bishop.

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