Developmental psychology, 35, 3, Google Scholar. Mirucka, B., Sakson- Obada, O. (). Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. / Body self. From norms. Zastosowano następujące metody badawcze: Kwestionariusz Ja cielesnego ( Sakson-. -Obada nym towarzyszy więcej zaburzeń w zakresie siły ja cielesnego zarówno w grupie matek jak i córek. Matki, które mają Od normy do zaburzeń. Ja cielesne. Od normy do zaburzeń. Gdańsk: GWP. Ogden, J. Postawy i zachowania wobec własnego ciała w zaburzeniach odżywiania. Warszawa: PWN.

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View full text Get citation ENW. Participants and procedure The normalization sample consisted of participants: Education levels among the participants were also controlled for. Like the original one, the Polish scale comprises 35 items grouped into three gender specific subscales.

The given coefficients of reliability cover the original division into subscales adopted by the authors of BES. Created norms allowed to refer results obtained in the course of research carried out on people with various disorders e.

A review of the literature. The skinny on body dissatisfaction: Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 35, The development of body self-awareness in toddlers.

Table 1 from Repetetive self-Injury and the body self. – Semantic Scholar

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Repetetive self-Injury and the body self.

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Rozwój niezadowolenia z ciała u dzieci – wpływ komentarzy rodziców i rola zabawek

Kolokwia Psychologiczne, 13, Construct validity of the female subscales. Journal of Personality Assessment, 54, Body image across the adult life span: Predicting drive for muscularity behavioural engagement from body image attitudes and emotions.

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Send email Copy url: Polish normalization of the Body Esteem Scale. Health Psychology Report, 1 1 Health Psychology Report 1 1: Health Psychology Report, 1 1pp. Vancouver Lipowska M, Lipowski M.

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