If there are any open questions regarding the use of install4j, please check out its In our blog, we have published a three step tutorial based on a real-world. With the API, it is possible to create extensions for install4j that add user- configurable screens, actions and form components to the install4j IDE. The following. Help topics present important concepts in install4j. They are not necessarily tied to a single configuration step. Help topics are recommended reading for all.

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install4j 5.0.8 Build 5311 Tutorials

These actions include running scripts, setting installer variables and configuring the state of the progress bar. After 60 seconds, the installer is generated, and my first surprise is than the generated SweetHome3D Redirection of stderr and stdout Show. At first launch, Windows Firewall asks me to let install4j use the network to check its license key.

The tree shown on the left contains also some actions represented with a gear icon window and by custom icons like the one for the Startup action. You can add multiple updaters to your project, if there are different scenarios such as a standalone updater and an updater with a silent background check. To delete private files, I add a Delete files and directories action to Unistallation node with the same Condition expression and select the Recursive option.

Program Files x86 Sweet Home 3D 3. As I need to select the Furniture Library Editor launcher component if the Furniture Library Editor component is selected by the user, I click on the ellipsis button beside Selection change script field and enter the matching Java statement.

Now I need to complete the Class path list, which accepts individual jar files, directories containing jar files, directories containing. This file is created during installation process and tutoriaal reused during uninstallation. To add the new screens, I click on the Insert button and choose Add Screen in the popup menu.

ej-technologies blog My first try with install4j

Textual install4j information about application startup and version information can be freely placed on the splash screen. With the “Set a variable” action, you can execute a yutorial to calculate the value of a variable. You can also specify your own Windows icon file. I enter program main class com. The standard output and error streams can be redirected to customized files. According to my understading of your question, I believe you’d need these few things to do: Startup failure detection Show.


Insyall4j can be added to each screen, so you can visually program your installer in the install4j IDE. In the Advanced Options list, I choose Windows version info and check the Generate version info resource to get correct values in the file properties dialog box of the future launcher. With the “Uninstall previous installation” action, you can run the titorial of the old installation in unattended mode before the new installation takes place.

I launch this program and install the files in C: If the application has already been installed, the installer can optionally suggest the previously selected installation directory and the previous program group to the user.

Post as a guest Name.

install4j Download – install4j tutorial [2015]

Hutorial actions can be used to modify text insfall4j, including: Minimum auto-updating is now integrated and I just have to build insall4j new installer to make it available for a future version of the program. As Sweet Home 3D uses a few System properties and may require more memory to run, I keep the default Copy template file with explanations for user selected.

As I need to create this variable inatall4j give it a value, I click again on the Insert button and select Add Action menu item. Welcome screen for the installer or uninstaller Installation directory selection Display a license agreement and ask the user to accept it Selection of installation type Selection of installation components Standard program group selection Configure file associations with generated launchers Configure services Display additional confirmations, like creation of shortcuts on the desktop Display progress of installation or uninstallation Display information in text or HTML format Finish screen for the installer and uninstaller.

Finally, in the Splash screen step, I can choose the splash screen image that should be displayed during program launch. Installers generated by install4j fully support Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and The install4j IDE enables you to get started immediately, without the need ibstall4j become an expert in installer software.


Resources are provided to perform code signing in builds that run on non-Windows platforms.

Tutoorial IDs of install4j items can be displayed by clicking on the Show IDs button found on many screens, but to avoid closing the editor window, I prefer here to click on the Insert ID button to find the desired ID. GUI installer mode Show.

RPM and Deb files let your Java application be part of the most widely used package management systems on Linux. Auto-updating install4j offers various ways to check whether updates are available and to manage the launching of the updater. Then, for each of these file sets, I create a new lib folder by clicking on the Insert button and choosing the New Folder option.

Then there is no suitable Java installed on that machine. Additionally, it is possible to instal4lj rollback barriers, so that partial rollbacks or no rollbacks are performed when the user cancels the installer wizard.

A response file is a properties file that contains key-value pairs for installer variables. Important hints are displayed directly in the IDE, the context sensitive help gives you background information. These files could be assembled by invoking the appropriate Ant target in the build.

Sweet Home 3D stores user preferences and configuration data in private directories to help users to upgrade the installed version of the software without losing data.

ej-technologies – Java APM, Java Profiler, Java Installer Builder

All pre-defined screens and actions in install4j support console mode. This saves time when developing and testing the installer. Also, users of IE6 and IE7 will be shown warning dialogs when executing downloaded install4n that are unsigned.

You can chose from a wide range of form tutoorial Advanced customizations or automatic generation of projects are possible by modifying or creating project files. Once I click on the Create button, a text editor is opened to let me define some properties or override existing ones in the installer. I click on Build icon and then on Start Build button.

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