Home · Documents; The Hefferlin Manuscript 01 – A Description of Rainbow City From the Hefferlin Manuscript (Hollow Earth). The Hefferlin Manuscript was published in October Amazing Stories. This is (or was) a science fiction magazine. Comments from the. By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript. Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles.

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Hefferlin was the one who established the mental ‘link. In the human Ruler’s apartments on the fifth herferlin or floor above ground, well concealed in the wall of the living room of each compartment, is a small closet-like room. For this the Ancient Three are working. Do we have a contradiction here from the earlier statement? But the speed was so great that they missed the light beams the first t.

It is also equipped with radio transmitters and receivers and a Public Address system, with horns mounted on the outside of the ship. Those things are sacred to each state. But after the period is over he sees with a wider range of perception and hears with a wider tonal register.

Its top speed is entirely theoretical, a possiblemiles per second, actual speed in space unknown as yet. One of the most interesting Documents. At present only a few mainlines and their terminals and trunk lines and branches have been used by our associate’s party.

A Description of Rainbow City from the Hefferlin Manuscript – Gladys Hefferlin – Google Books

So, take it or leave it. These Portal rooms will hold about seven people at a time. These vehicles are controlled by levers and push buttons, and are powered by the same type of radiant energy mass in metal boxes as the farm equipment. The Germans ran so fast that they dumped Italians all over the desert, and the Italians had to walk many weary miles before they could find any one to whom to surrender.


He could not even keep in sight of the dust of the famed Afrikan Corps. In the fifth level were animals and vegetation. But they were not. Three separate walls are incorporated in the body construction each separated from the other by many inches of insulation and self-healing material in case of puncture.

The other No, 3 units are rotative blister mounted for aiming purposes and are of the tubular core-construction which, when activated, produce a tight-spinning, hard beam of electronic energy projection capable of great destruction and with a destroying range of thousands of miles. When we consider the great density and toughness of the metal lining the tunnels, a metal that even earthquakes and great land mass movements cannot break, we wonder what titanic force sheared and twisted the Sheridan tunnel end.

Now subject this remaining liquid for 24 hours to an electronic process conditioning, under a high vibratory or high frequency condition to rearrange the polarity of the molecules. According to the comparisons of modern maps with the ancient ones, the tunnels are in a vast network underlying just about all nation today, and reaching many regions that today are inaccessible to modern man, referred to only in mythology, such as the sunken continent of Atlantis and the lost LeMuria of the Pacific ocean.

Through research efforts our scientists discovered that these humanoid serpentine bodies were reconstructed robot containers made from the flesh substance of the original bodies, which long ago had been serpent bodies with arms. This is believed to have preserved these seeds these millions of years.

Elevators reached all levels.

At the fifth lower level of the underground city is the main depot and traffic office and dispatcher system that controls the entire network of train tunnels throughout the world.

The Ruler apartment doors are operated by a code word and pressing on a certain section of the door. Many plastic spheres of all colors and sizes are there for special purposes and are treated so as to retain their power and influence.


When he would have reached that point, the German army massed on the borders of Turkey, would have moved into Turkey and taken the Dardanelles. The so-called Flying Saucers hefverlin a group of mnuscript ships.

The corridor leading to this room goes almost the full length of the room and here are cupboards that house the plant hefferlih.

A Description of Rainbow City – From The Hefferlin Manuscript | gimixiblog

If we would examine our modern periodic table of the elements in the hand book of Chemistry and Physics, we would find the key to the system of count as used so long ago, for both are based on natural law.

Turkey was ordered to stay “out of the war,” no matter how much pressure was brought hefferliin bear on her from any direction, She obeyed Orders and she did riot suffer blasting during the war. It is still unbelievable to most people that there in gefferlin frozen wastes lies a great city, comfortably warm, full of scientific marvels from some great, hitherto unknown civilization of the past. There are some entrances in the interior of certain remote islands. The very color of the dwellings can be adjusted through a change in the color vibration control, and walls become opaque or transparent where and as desired by adjusting a switch in the walls.

Hefferlin Manuscript

And even in the Holy Bible may be found strange references: It is yours, now. By following the book of instructions as found in a concealed drawer at the control panel, the mechanism became operative, and here was the key to most of the research that followed.

They manuuscript to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

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