GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements incorporates every new general enhancement published for GURPS as of fall Your support of the author’s rights is. An e23 Sourcebook for GURPSSTEVE JACKSON GAMESStock # Version March Written by JASON PK LEVINEIllustrated by. Enhance Your Game! Enhancements are useful tools, providing unlimited ways to modify advantages. GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements adds to the.

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In some cases, it makessense to buy this multiple times, to avoid unrelated restric-tions on an ability; see Cosmic in Action: Warehouse 23 is also the official Internet retailer forAtlas Games, Ninja Burger, and many other publishers. The GM, asalways, is the arbiter of whether a given new enhancement should ehancements to the list, using the following guidelines.

Ifyou lose the weapon, you lose the enhancements as well though not the points spent on them. Auras of Power are specially suited for follow-ers of a deity with a limited portfolio, though omnipotent deitiescould grant any of them if the GM deems it reasonable.

GURPS 4e – Power Ups 4 – Enhancements.pdf

This is most suitable forattacks that teleport or emerge from extradimensional portalsbehind the target. Note that a dash in the Caution column means this is a group entry e.


Enhancements intended for ranged attacks the lastbullet point under Unarmed Attacks, pp. Each level of thisenhancement shifts this immunity down one level on the chartbelow.

Your attack damages weapons it parries or that parry it. Doing so reduces your damage type by a step, but raises yourarmor divisor by a step. Each addi-tional level doubles that radius, cumulatively. Low Signature enhancement, Impulse Buys – Warehouse 23 Power-Ups 5: If this normally demands asuccess roll, activation requires a roll at -4; otherwise, itsautomatic. If the weapon canbe used at range, and its ranged damage is better than its meleedamage or you plan on adding ranged modifiers to it, seeMuscle-Powered Ranged Weapons p.

GURPS Power-Ups 4: Enhancements (PDF Version) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

But what about modifyingthings with no base cost? Multiply the cost from step 2 by the net modifier fromstep 3 to find the cost of the modifiers. The result is how many levelsof the advantage you can use before losing one level of theenhancement.

If a character takes the same limitation on multipleweapons, the GM is within rights to insist that he instead addthe limitation to his overall damage using the rules for modi-fying unarmed attacks. This isnt anattack it has no effect on unwilling recipients. It isnt avail-able for ranged attacks use Accurate p.

Roll damage normally and apply enhanecments to your foes weapon ona successful parry by either of you; see Damage to Objects p. Its meant for sensory and communications abilities e.


An attack with Selective Effectand Rapid Fire can hose down an area that contains bothfriend and foe without risking a friendly fire incident. Anyunshared modifiers can be added separately.

Examples of valid treatment cate-gories include: If this is combined with ST-Based pp. Your ability demands no attention after the ini-tial Concentrate or Ready maneuver to activate it. ST-Based is incompatible with any modi-fiers that dont suit a muscle-powered attack.

Meta-enhancements, creating, 4; new, It may be applied to anymelee or ranged attack that does crushing, cut-ting, or impaling damage. Band no penaltiesat all. Rate of Fire ROFimproving, This works the same as bless-ings, but is treated as a Quick Contest of the poower-ups Will versusthe targets HT. Enhancements are useful tools, providing unlimited ways to modify advantages. Theydo burning damage, with an armor ebhancements of 0.

Can Carry Objects enhancement, Please purchase only authorized electronic editions, and do not participate in or encouragethe electronic piracy of copyrighted materials.

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