Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle Published by Charisma House A Strang Company Rinehart Road Lake Mary, FL This. Mike Bickle is the director of the International House of Prayer, Jesus, God’s Answer to the Growing Crisis, Growing in the Prophetic, and Prayers to Strengthen. Title: When the Moon Split: A biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) Author: Safiur When the Moon Spli.

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A few months after the church was started, I met people who claimed to have divine encounters with God.

Very practical discussions about growing in the prophetic, especially as a church body. Also talks about a lot of the mistakes that have been made.

If we have the Spirit without the Word, we blow up. He is a well-respected theolo- gian who loves the work of the Holy Spirit. They may be immature, but they are probably present. No matter how great the power is that the Holy Spirit releases through a prophet, we are to focus our hearts and attention first on loving, worshiping, and obeying Jesus.

Moses’s mind-set foreshadowed God’s inten- tions in anointing many people in raising up a prophetic End Time church. I’ve learned to not promote those kind of prophetic people. The Lord is jealous for His people. With a glossary of terms and symbols, and in-depth articles, this verse-by-verse study guide makes the end times easy to gowing.

Revelation, Interpretation, and Application to that person or situation.

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle Download ( Pages | Free )

I know hundreds of people, many within the IHOP Missions Base family and others outside of it, who minister in Level I, simple prophecy, and many others who could be described by Level II — being used periodically to give a strong prophetic word.


In this chapter I use some of Wayne Grudem’s ideas. This realization takes some of the pressure out of prophesying and helps people grow in their gifting in a loving atmosphere and receive correc- tion and adjustment without totally “wiping them out.

Because God was thought to be the speaker of all that a prophet spoke in His name, it was unthinkable that a true prophet should deliver some oracle that was a mixture of accurate and inaccurate information. Mancil Carroll rated it it was amazing Apr 24, I have seen the Holy Spirit work in these three areas with the prophetic ministers I know. Do not be confident that you have admin- istrated prophecy well until all three components have been discerned with wisdom.

God had supernaturally confirmed the validity of the twenty- one- day solemn assembly of prayer and fasting May Exact buildings, intersections, amounts of money, words that would be spoken to us, people whom we would encounter, and exact timings of several events have all been “seen” prophetically, confirmed, and then later fulfilled in our actual experience.

Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle

You may receive the prophetic word as a “notification” that God may communicate to you concerning a new ministry direction, but do not act on it until the Lord confirms it. The Lord just spoke to me and said that you are supposed to teach our Saturday night service where over one thousand young adults gather each week. I immediately drove to his house with a couple of guys. Immediately, I renounced it and committed to resist anything charismatic. Prophehic felt this way for a while.

Additionally, many people become disillusioned over the fact that they may not see the prophetic revelation come to pass. Second, we must interpret it accurately.

Growing in the Prophetic

He told Bob Jones that He would confirm this with an unexpected comet as a sign in the heavens on May 7. The interpretation may be accurate, but if a person jumps the gun and gets ahead of God in the application, then hurt and confusion may result.


Louis to Kansas City inwarned me of a false prophet who would be present in the early days of our new church plant in Kansas City. However, I still didn’t believe in the gift of tongues or the gift of prophecy, so I could have never imagined what would happen in the years ahead when I moved to Kansas City.

Growing in the Prophetic – Mike Bickle

They must have a proven ministry that may take years. Another five men earned law degrees before joining our missions base staff. They may, in private, expose unconfessed sin 2 Sam. To ask other readers questions about Growing in the Propheticplease sign up.

Return to Book Page. This attitude brings an undue exaltation to a select group of highly anointed individuals.

The tradition of the elders was more than a collection of their customs; it was the theological interpretation of the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. There is a great hunger in God’s people to hear directly from Him in a supernatural way. However, to prophesy with authority is much “weightier” and should not be done publicly without the confirmation of the leaders of the church, who are responsible before God to oversee the church’s life.

They are a mixture of God’s words and man’s words that combine divine inspiration with the human process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does eventually happen. Mike Bickle has devoted his life to understanding and practicing the principles and power of prayer.

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