New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of two sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams. Evening Stars (A Blackberry Island Novel) [Susan Mallery] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Susan. Two sisters are taking stock of their lives amid emotional insecurity when an unexpected treasure gives them the chance to have everything.

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Evening Stars (Blackberry Island, #3) by Susan Mallery

Lists with This Book. Nope, she jumps straight into bed with the other guy. Although the house was only a few blocks away, she was going to have to go by the store and put up a sign explaining it would be closed for the next few days.

But I didn’t think she was going to go back to Dylan.

Does love heal, or will finding their happy ending mean giving up all they’ve ever wanted? But Sam was relatively new.

I’m sorry, but what kind of a mother are you? Looking forward to more books following life in this small town. I got a copy of this book from the publisher from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. This was a wonderful story of sisters and their mother.

Two things happened at once.

This book is the story of Nina. This is the third book in the Blackberry Island series. My favorite parts were the stray dog, the competent new employee Cindy, and the plane ride that gives Nina perspective. Nina’s life is running as normal until her ex Dylan shows up along with a new love interest plus the addition of her younger sister who left her husband to try and find herself. Averil is happily married but the prospect of beginning a family leaves her contemplating exactly what she wants out of life.


Evening Stars

She could see a few clouds pilling up against the horizon. I love Susan Mallery’s books and I’ve really enjoyed the other books in this Blackberry Island series. Continuing to take care of everyone, she put Averil through school. Nina stared at the items in the box. She’s very much in love with her husband, likes her job writing for a magazine, and has the urge to write a book.

I had a bit of a hard time connecting with Nina at first. It has also caused a rift in her relationship with Dylan, a man she had been in love with and was suppose to marry after they both attended medical school. Plus shivering burned calories. Her hopes of getting off the island seem to be stretching further away…until her mother makes a discovery that could change everything forever.

Walking the journey with Nina was sweet, seeing her finally get what she wanted after years of making sure everyone else in her family had what they needed. He said he needs to know what the candlesticks are worth. After storing eveninng purse in her locker, she logged in to the scheduling program and saw that the first appointment of the day had canceled.

Her entire body was chilled except for the friction where her thighs rubbed together. Her needy, attention-seeking, flighty mother has ,allery refused to take adult responsibility for either her children or her business an antique storeand Nina, who had once had aspirations of becoming a evneing, has had to act as the grownup of the family for as long as she can remember.


Ten seconds of brushing, one minute of braiding and her blond hair was neat and tidy. Why didn’t she just drive over the bridge and head toward Seattle? This is the first book I read by this author.

Susan Mallery: Evening Stars

It was terrible that the break-up between him and Nina felt like a lame excuse especially after so many years of being together but also because they were so young – understandable?

Just as she was reaching for the knob, the house phone rang. Preview — Evening Stars by Susan Mallery. You need someone to work at Blackberry Preserves. She also had quite an attitude problem with almost anything Nina would say to her. New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery returns to Blackberry Island with the poignant tale of mallety sisters on the verge of claiming their dreams.

She never really accepted responsibility for any of her actions.

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