Editorial Reviews. Review. “Rachel Van Dyken is an excellent writer and there is never a dull moment with this story Elect was a fast-paced read, with. Elect. Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo. Would you die for the one you love? Nixon Abandonato made his choice. And now he has to pay the price. Tracey is the. novella in the back of Elicit that deals with Nixon/Trace. **Evoke is a 3 chapter bonus novella on WATTPAD for free that you can read in between Elite/Elect.

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Or so I feel it can’t! I have to say, she couldn’t have made this book any better, any more amazing or any different. Nervousness making a damn hole in my stomach. His strength and honor made me admire him. Mob boss who has so much eledt deal with!!! We don’t always get what we want however, and mafia members, in particular, are raised to do their duty even rlect they would rather not to.

You really get to see how far he will go to protect the people he loves.

Eagle Elite Series by Rachel Van Dyken

At least I was right that Nixon seems to love being bad and that just made me love him even more! How did I get so lucky” The story kills off perfectly from Elite, but somewhere all the ryken I don’t know where to fit the prologue in But now, after everything they went through in the first book, Nixon realizes that because of him, Tracy will be a target too, so because of that, he is deciding to push her away and into the hands of his best friend, Chase!!!!

I wish Nixon didn’t create too much drama and part of me wishes Trace did ended up with Chase because he’s just so nice. Elect was actually quite heavy on the mystery, it had my full attention trying to figure out who did what, who betrayed? If being with you brings her that peace, then I want you to have her. If you are interested in mafia storyline’s, then this is a series you need to read.


Maybe if I was a stronger man, I’d leave her.

Because of this Trace’s life is at risk by association. The premise for the next book doesn’t excite me because I don’t really have feelings one way or the other for Mil, so I’m likely stopping here. I still really enjoyed getting more from these characters, though even by the end of this book I still can’t say that I like Trace.

Eagle Elite 9 books. Amid all this danger, who will succeed in finding their HEA? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Hello, why are you doing this to yourself???

Eagle Elite Series

And how can you not fall for the boy who’s been there all the time and that seems that he would die for you, too, even if he knows that your heart belongs to his cousin? Trace appeared to be so sweet and innocent, but surely she wasn’t so naive as to realise what she was doing and what elcet actions were doing to both Nixon and Chase.

If you are picking up this book in hopes of continuing to read a beautiful Romeo and Julliet-ish type love story not that that is really a beautiful love story His plans are great but poorly executed. I went into this book knowing there was a love triangle – meaning I knew that Chase, the cousin eyken best friend, had feelings for Trace. Well, maybe here it goes. If the wrong people find fachel how he feels, they will use her to hurt him.

Books by Rachel Van Dyken. Dy,en story line but the male leads started to get a little unrealistically poetic and selfless. Sacrifices will be made, blood will be shed, and in the end someone has to pay!

You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. I will definitely not be waiting to read the rest of the series but will probably take a little break from it just because this seems like a good place to stop and catch up on some arc’s.

There’s something about the premise that doesn’t sit well with me. Nov 09, Miri rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book as much as the first book Elect. The type that people fear – it masquerades as something far more worse than darkness.

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That scene with him threatening Chase in the car was real and one of my faves and I liked his conversations with Phoenix, however volatile. Poor Phoenix is battling not only is inner demons but fighting for his life. It simply captivated me and made me crave for more! I want to freaking murder anyone who even so much as looks in your direction, or at your shoes, and damn if I don’t hate those boots that Chase got you. Nix is a selfless man. Nixon is selfless in this book, because he lets go of Trace to protect her even though it kills him.

It was a interesting look into the mafia life and I did like the cliff hanger ending.

Elect — Rachel Van Dyken

Just when you think you may know what is going to happen, something gets thrown in and you have no clue what is about to WOAH! This is one of my favorite new adult series. The love triangle I hate vxn of the time because it is an unimaginative cheap copout to cause drama leect the sake of drama and to fill pages. If you enjoy a good mysterious action packed adventure these books are defin I just binge read the first two books in this series and jumped immediately into the third. She definitely needs to redeem herself I think she is very selfish and naive.

In this series Book 1. So of course he will protect the girl Nix loves, but there is one big problem — Chase is falling in love with her too. I just felt she made her love cheap and shakes head Well built and leaving nothing behind, there’s more action in this story than in the first one and we get to see new characters, too.

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