El quinto hijo has ratings and reviews. Doris Lessing’s contemporary gothic horror story—centered on the birth of a baby who seems less than. El quinto hijo – Doris Lessing. Done. Comment. 0 views. 0 faves. 0 comments. Uploaded on May 2, All rights reserved. Show EXIF; JFIFVersion – El Quinto Hijo (Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Doris Lessing ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction, Books.

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Harriet ingested a soporific smoothie every few hours.

El quinto hijo by Doris Lessing (2 star ratings)

A pleasant child, with no afflictions teething? This novel was disturbing on so many levels. Die Kinder kommen zu schnell, eines nach dem anderen. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

When I got the book from Paperback Swap, there were two blurbs on the back.

Over the leszing, Ben strangles a dog, is sent away no questions asked to a facility for the insane, and goes to school where he beats up an older female student. Smack-dab in the middle of this thing is a section, maybe ten pages in length, that is utterly gripping and terrifying.

That hiuo, she also published hioj first novel, The Grass Is Singingand qunto her career as a professional writer. It was her first visit since being forcibly removed in for her political views.

Gruesomely goblin-like in appearance, insatiably hungry, abnormally strong and violent, Ben has nothing innocent or infant-like about him. They took quint for granted other people paid for their happiness. As if told by Ben we might say?

Simply because their house was constantly fi This novel was disturbing on so many levels. We see that Ben is a very difficult child, and that there is no connection between him and his family. A slim but harrowing book that you can read in one fevered sitting about what happens when people who care about family above all else are given a nightmare version of their dream. Premio Grinzane Cavour for Narrativa Straniera I disliked nearly everything about this book, and I only finished it because I was on vacation with limited reading material.


Harriet realizes that rescuing Ben from the Institution cost David and her the idyllic life that had been theirs, the dream that they had been living until he was born.

Did I mention that Harriet is only like 25 years old at this point? And then it fell to pieces because of the product of a bruised and overburdened womb.

El quinto hijo – Doris Lessing

The family gatherings dry up. They constantly thought of their child as not human. She births him prematurely in a hospital. The 2 stars are really just 1. Return to Book Page. Not only where the parents willing to throw this child away, but everyone suddenly disappeared right when they could have used some support. From the very beginning of the fifth pregnancy Harriet notices it is different from the others.

These are all good and interesting questions but the problem is that the book got nowhere in exploring them.

People who really like Doris Lessing. The parents never gave him the same love as they did with the other children, and they often blamed him as being the source for everything going wrong in their lives. Return to Book Page. He winds up being raised by a street gang. Going to read more Lessing — like her intelligence. Soon she was drawn to the like-minded members of the Left Book Club, a group of Communists “who read everything, and who did not think it remarkable to read.

This idyllic, indulgent and engaged life comes to a halt when the fifth child, Ben, is born. As he get older, Ben develops his own gang of older boys who drop into the now empty big house for food, to watch TV and hang out.


Take, for example, [slight spoiler ahead] when the titular fifth child leads his mother on a chase through the town’s streets and traffic for over a mile. Premio Grinzane Cavour for Narrativa Straniera It makes me almost pleased i have no children. What expectations “It’s crazy,” said Dorothy. In this very brief novella of less than pages, a couple of irresponsible, idealistic people with skewed and unrealistic family values for example they aspire to have doriis in the s, in opposition of family and peers, while selfishly expecting their “happy family” to be financed by his father and looked after by her motherget to regret their folly when the 5th child arrives.

I don’t get anything out of reading shit like that from strangers on the Internet either. The only difference in Harriet is that she turns her head when what she expected to hear is not what she had heard, though she is still afraid to look that’s important and doesn’t live.

While around them crime and unrest surge, the Lovatts are Doris Lessing’s contemporary gothic horror story—centered on the birth of a baby who seems less than human—probes society’s unwillingness to recognize its own brutality. Gruesomely goblin-like in appearance, insatiably hungry, abnormally strong and violent, Ben has nothing innocent or infant-like about him. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You can’t help but feel it’s relevant when they find themselves with a child they are terrified of shortly after.

The catalyst for visitors cutting short their stays or making excuses to be elsewhere, Harriet feels blamed for his existence and Ben’s menacing presence upsets the other children.

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