Združitev in prilagoditev metodologij Scrum in ekstremno programiranje za organizacijo razvoja programske opreme v podjetju: Merging and adaptation of. ruwiki Экстремальное программирование; shwiki Ekstremno programiranje; sqwiki Programimi ekstrem; srwiki Ekstremno programiranje; svwiki Extrem. Edition. Publication Year. Publisher. SAMS Publishing, Yugoslavia. Tags. programiranje, tutorijal. Abstract. Description. Biblio Notes. Number of Copies. 1.

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Agilne metode razvoja programske opreme

Developmental psychology ; Science education ; collaboration Source: Pristop temelji na uveljavljenih konceptih preoblikovanja. This paper presents some practical issues related to the complexity of applying XP Extreme Programming practices.

Search Results Display Settings Results per page: The examples are presented in the Smalltalk programming language. The experiment showed that partners switched esktremno 21 times per day on average. Informacijski sustavi i informatologija. Ekstremno programiranje ; Extreme programming Authors: Ektsremno diploma will introduce an approach to the solution to the problem of refactoring older functionality of attribute classification to newer, extended functionality with increased possibility of code reuse.

Programmers reported more problems with refactoring than testing. The refactored component is evaluated using the comprehensibility of time and space complexity.


RUL – Sprejemni testi v procesu agilnega razvoja programske opreme : magistrsko delo

Using the approach of “test first” additionally stimulates the developer to think about the goal first and then copes with the implementation. Nowadays, programiranke software projects have to deal with changing requirements, therefore the following paper is meant for proframiranje involved in such a developing process.

Extreme Programming, XP “najprej test”, primeri pa v programskem jeziku Smalltalk. JavaScript is necessary for the proper functioning of this website. Please enable JavaScript or use a modern browser.

The implemented tool for tracking development activities and for gathering empirical data on XP projects is described and some initial findings are presented.

Mob programming ; problem solving ; development Record details. The result of this comparison is by applying a t-test not statistically significant. Towards an understanding of communication within pair programming Authors: Zelo pomembna je metodologija za vse faze razvojnega procesa.

Voting is allowed only for logged in users. Mob programming ; problem solving ; development.

Agilni razvoj softvera

Refactoring is one of the key approaches for improvement of the code. The automatic testing is one of the most important technique for assuring long-term code correctness and stability.

Your browser does not allow JavaScript! Project Page Feedback Known Problems. The rhytm of switching the driver and navigator role is essential for test-first pair programming.


Hover the mouse pointer over a document title to show the abstract or click on the title to get all document metadata.

Item request cannot be made. The approach is based on well established concepts of refactoring. Zarb, Mark Hughes, Janet Subjects: Maintainability ; Technical debt ; Code Reviews.

We believe that more detailed research apart of evaluating test-first programming is needed to compare solo vs.

En fallstudie ; Pros and cons with mob programming: A Case Study Authors: Di Eugenio, Barbara Subjects: You have to log in to leave a comment. Information Systems and Information Science. Informacijske i komunikacijske znanosti. The refactoring is done with the help of design patterns and the Extreme Programming XP principle “test first”.

The comparison of the control group of individuals and the group programming in pairs showed that both groups spent almost the same amount of time to compelte the tasks. Improving maintainability on modern cross-platform projects Authors: All Author Title Subject.

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