eBox for Network Administrators. This document is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license version The first on-line training course “eBox for Network Administrators” is an intermediate course aimed at IT professionals with some experience in. The first certified eBox Platform course that corresponds to the “eBox for Network Administrators” course was held from the 11th until the 28th of.

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This scenario could be a typical Gateway deployment in a production environment like in a high school or a company with a maximum of users with strict content filtering requirements and multiple Internet connections. Yes, my password is: As our bandwidth need increases, adding more routers will be as easy as adding a new gateway, in this case all of them could be connected to the same interface using IP addresses within the same subnet.

Using eBox As A Gateway: Firewall, Traffic Shaping, HTTP Proxy And More

The Administrators track is designed to provide system administrators and IT professionals with the knowledge and skills required to successfully manage SMBs computer networks and multiple eBox Platform installations.

The good news is that the eBox platform is completely betwork, licensed under the GPL and free to download, with an active community developing it and driving the project forward. So what if there was a management application with a simple web-based GUI that could install all the necessary software and do all the configuration and integration for you with just a handful of mouse clicks? Refer to our last article for more information adminiistrators the installationcheck our wiki Installation Guide page or download our preinstalled Virtual Machine image.

The main downside networj eBox is its poor documentation.

For example, it does not include an intrusion detection module whereas both Smoothwall and Astaro use Snort to provide this type of security. By default, eBox will apply strict rules on the external interfaces and will allow outgoing connection from the LAN and from the eBox server itself.


wbox Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation. The system installation can be done in two different ways:.

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Zentyal | First certified eBox Platform course proves popular

The firewall allows to setup complex firewall policies and as every module applies their rules there, it’s really easy for eboox system administrator to manage the rules without making mistakes. Do you already have an account? Setting up the eBox machine as an OpenVPN server is a simple matter of providing admibistrators few details such as a port number and subnet to work ndtwork and adding checks to a handful of options such as allowing client-to-client connections, or eBox-to-eBox tunnels if you want to activate them.

These functionalities are tightly integrated, automating most tasks, avoiding mistakes and saving time for system administrators. At completion of this hour course, students should understand the concepts behind computer network management and efficiently administer SMBs computer networks with eBox Platform. There’s also an eBox live CD which enables you to test out eBox without installing any software.

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Reduce your monitoring cost, not your coverage. Over applications were received by CTA for the 15 available places. The latest network routers, software, management tools and information for enterprise IT administrators.

So how does eBox differ from unified threat management UTM appliances and software, such as those supplied by Astaro or Smoothwall? Comprehensive, affordable, and easy-to-use APM and infrastructure monitoring. Get your subscription here.

Any action in this websites implies consent for installation and usage. On external interfaces eth0 and eth2 remember adinistrators check the WAN option:. It starts from the premise that all the software you need to run a network is available as open-source, but that getting all that software configured and running together can be quite tricky.


The eBox platform is designed to do exactly that, allowing “non-expert” administrators to configure and run network services including:. Postfix, SpamAssassin, ClamAV and Jabber to run an e-mail server with adminixtrators and anti-virus software and a corporate Jabber-based instant messaging system. First thing to do is to set up network interfaces. The Developer track is aimed at system developers, enterprise application developers and system integrators providing them with the knowledge and skills to develop administrayors eBox Platform modules, prepare customized ehox Platform distributions and integrate eBox Platform with other applications.

For more click here. Your name or email address: Now Javascript is ehox. This feature is only available to subscribers. In our example, as both have the same speed, we give them weight This simplicity does come at a administrarors, however: You can give them names to remember which one you talking about and use the Weight parameter to define the relation of bandwidth capacity of each connection. To get an idea of how eBox can simplify what would otherwise be fairly complicated configuration routines, let’s take the example of OpenVPN, the open source VPN system which is famously tricky to set up manually.

eBox Technologies: New partners and certified on-line training in eBox Platform

Our server will have 3 network interfaces, eth0 The open-source software it controls includes:. After that, let’s take a look at the gateways. Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment!

The first step is to create a couple of certificates, adninistrators is handled by eBox’s Certificate Manager module. And that’s pretty much it.

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