If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. Document replaced. This document has been replaced by an offshore standard ( OS) in the DNV GL portfolio: DNVGL-OS-D All DNV GL service. Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D, October Page 4 – Changes. Amended October see note on front cover. DET NORSKE VERITAS.

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration. This applies to Sec. Seagoing vessels and mobile offshore facilities such as, for example, mobile drilling facilities, and machinery installed on them are excluded from the scope of the Machinery Directive by Article 1 2 f since they are subject to the Conventions of the International Maritime Organisation.

The requirement regarding design as mentioned in the second subsection, entails that technical solutions for food and drinking water supply shall satisfy the provisions in the Food Regulations, as well as the Regulations relating to water supply and drinking water in Norwegian only.

If such a chamber has dng been installed, the pipeline system is considered to extend to the first automatic shutdown valve above water. In those cases where the IEC series is not applicable, relevant parts of the IEC series and Dnvv relating to electrical power installations in Norwegian only should be used. Regulations of 27 January No.

The so transport, access and evacuation routes also include stairs, doors, hatches, etc. In addition, the technical solutions should be based on recognised methods to the extent possible.

Re Section 66 Loading and offloading systems With regard to the use of new standards env such contexts, see the Framework Regulations Section Re Section 18 Systems for internal and external communication. The NS-EN ISO standard can be used for the design of installations, systems and equipment with regard to regularity and reliability.


Drilling fluid systems mean complete systems with sufficient capacity to mix, store, pump, recondition and cover the need for a fluid-based well barrier. Sections 1 and 2 dbv the Machinery Regulations stipulate the scope of the regulations and which equipment oz covered by the Machinery Regulations.

DNV OS F 101

For the design and selection of lifting appliances and lifting gear for use on permanently placed and mobile facilities NORSOK R standard should be used.

Methods for control of manufacture and assembly as mentioned in litera b, may dnc materials control where the sample materials represent the product with regard to manufacture processes, geometrical design and dimensions.

Guidelines on the application of IEC andPart 7: The number and location of sectioning valves in the processing plant should be determined on the e301 of the fire and explosion strategy, cf.

It is important to identify differences between these at an early stage and assess these.

Examples of conflicting requirements are; pressure definitions and system test snv requirements. Emergency preparedness vessels that have specific tasks in relation to the facilities should fulfil the technical requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s Regulations relating to emergency preparedness vessels.

Re Section 15 Chemicals and chemical exposure.

Emergency preparedness vessel means both vessels that have emergency response functions as their primary task and other v301 that will be used, inter alia, for search and rescue, monitoring safety zones or actions against acute pollution.

In addition, reference is made to the lawmirror in Norwegian only of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, in which the requirement of the regulations that are being repealed upon entering into force of the new regulations in pursuance of the Working Environment Act, are included. When choosing materials as regards fire-resistance characteristics as mentioned in litera d, non-flammable materials should be chosen. Fire class A is the recommended solution for these rooms since the second subsection requires protection of technical barrier elements in the room.



New type as mentioned in the third subsection, means a type that deviates materially from previous structural solutions, i. In the event of well interventions as mentioned in the third subsection, including cable, coiled tubing and snubbing activities through the christmas tree, drill pipe or casing that has not been set, the NORSOK D standard should be used. Equipment as mentioned in the second subsection, includes f301 and first aid equipment, stretchers and medical rescue equipment.

Re Section 43 Emergency dn vessels To fulfil the requirements for technical solutions that prevent harmful chemical influences on people as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK S standardChapters 4.

Facilities – Petroleum Safety Authority Norway

For facilities that are registered in Norway, this normally implies entry into force at the next certificate expiry. Examples of penetrations in fire divisions as mentioned in the last subsection, may include ventilation ducts, cnv, cables and beams, as well as windows and doors. Sufficient capacity as mentioned in the second subsection, means the capacity necessary to supply all firefighting equipment in the facility’s largest fire area plus the largest of the adjacent areas.

In order to fulfil these requirements, the following should be env See also Sections 8 and 33 of these regulations and Section 47 of the Activities Regulations. Subsea pipelines and risers up to and including the chamber for launching or receiving tools for internal maintenance including inspectionwith associated equipment, are considered to belong to the pipeline system. Re Section 10 Installations, systems and equipment 8.

Re Section 41 Equipment for rescue of personnel

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