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Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

I’m surprised to see you. Perhaps someone in reception could help you. Either run by the two Ariels or kill them – thankfully they are separated, so they’re not that much of a problem. Be sure to save you special save file clear file upon beating the game each time.

Use mirro to returen to normal world and leave the stage using the “Curtain control” room and make your way to the “Stage Office” Watch out for like 6 hanging detnado. Forgot your username or password? Pick up the Baton from next to the seat by Patient Room 5. Pick up the Child’s map at the beginning of the streets on a wall Follow the path labeled on the map and enter the doorway at the end Crawl through the tunnel inside of the room that Travis enters Enter the path across from the save point collage Defeat the final boss Collect the items down the side of the street to Travis’ right then move down the other side of the street.

Upon examining it, Travis will notice that the mailbox number is “” and it will be highlighted on the screen in a light blue as if islent is important.


Silent Hill: Origins Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PlayStation 2 – GameFAQs

The Savior’s Moon Gauntlets give your fists much more power when siilent, the Ambassador’s Tesla Rifle is the most powerful gun in the game giving you rapid laser fire, the Butcher’s Great Cleaver and Fireman’s Fire Axe are unbreakable melee weapons but the Great Cleaver has much more power than the Fire Axe, the Stalker’s Night Vision Goggles gives you night vision, and the Sprinter’s uniform itself gives you no fatigue. Return to the first floor of the staircase and open the door to the first floor.

Travis stands up while talking Travis: Walk down the stairs and open the door to enter the next portion of Room How to unlock Tesla Rifle: Enter the Origuns Seclusion. This boss can be defeated with a melee weapon, though it requires some decent dodging. In a way, it’s a little bit of a downer how easy he sulent since his presence has been one of much violence and mystery ever since his first encounter.

Take a right and enter “Storage” and get Hammer and you will also find another mirror: Run past the Carrion and open the door on the left at the end of the corridor.

The upstairs door will lead to some locked doors, so there is no need to deotnado up there at the moment. Boss – Memory of Helen Grady This grotesque figure’s attacks range from a spike attack where spikes will move out of her bed to a poison gas attack where she will spray out a green poisonous gas. Enter Room on your way back and collect the items in there. Walk over to the entrance of the Nero Room.


They just love stabbing those Kitchen Knives into inanimate objects in this game, don’t they? Unlock the door and enter Room OW. Yeah, this room is kind of crazed.

Savior – Beat the game. Under the door to the Doctor’s Office – walk straight ahead after entering and it’s the door on the left. Go to room “” and kill the mummy and get the sileng Ammo x2 leave, run all the way down and get a Health Drinkturn around a run all the way back past the stairs and down the far set of stairs. When do we get to look inside your sick little mind? The first voice is a slight whisper and the second voice is louder but still a whisper.

Late on a gig, bud. She looks down at the fallen creature then kicks it. The door to the nearby Exam Room is locked.

Drain square with water and arrow pointing down 5. She wants her boy so badly.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough

Any gun will do really. This is the last one. Straight-jackets will attack in the outside corridor.

Walk past the “Welcome to Silent Hill” sign ogigins trigger another cutscene. Exit the Lighting Box and open the door at the other end of the Balcony Corridor.

But mom was a nurse, and her mom was a nurse, so I’m going to be a nurse. Do not kill the Remnants or they will respawn after leaving!

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