CODEX SERAPHINIANUS. LUIGI SERAFINI. Visual Writing /ubu editions. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10 . Ever since the Codex Seraphinianus was first published in Publisher: Rizzoli; Multilingual, New, Updated edition (October 29, ); Language: English. Codex Seraphinianus mystery has a breakthrough, and you can use our free You can translate from English-Spanish-French-German-Italian.

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Character for K – not sure. Was it something Rizzoli initiated or did the author Luigi Serafini initiate contact? It isand the artist is in Rome, in fifth-floor attic on a dirt street called Via Sant’Andrea delle Frate, number 30, in the heart of Baroque Rome, where even the streets and buildings have preserved the names and memories of the Popes’ counter-reformation: After the last chapter is a table of contents or index, followed by an apparent afterword whose writing is more casually rendered.

This kinda explained the panicky bargain price I got for an unopened copy of the French edition.

Codex Seraphinianus

Any thoughts on the language therein? University of Nevada Press. The illustrations are often surreal [5] [7] [8] parodies of things in the real world, such as a bleeding fruit, a plant that grows into roughly the shape of a chair and is subsequently made into one, a copulating couple that metamorphoses into an alligator.

Add yourself or another pataphysician to the map.

If the encyclopedia tends to fix the knowledge of a certain era, in Serafini’s “fantaencyclopedia” there is nothing solid. If anyone has the time or desire to create a font based on La Matrixa, I can furnish some images of the characters. On this particular Rosetta Stone there are no numerals shown either. Codex Seraphinianus[1] originally published inis an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world, created by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini during 30 months from to Regarding the writings found in the pages of the book, Mr.

  HC49 U3H PDF

For instance, this group discovered that the numbering system is base 21, and this guy discovered certain grammatical rules governing the script, and even created a sort of transliterator you can use. Character for R – not sure. Perhaps only by specially trained ‘dumbed-down’ linguists on their part, but for us it can be an easily utilized tool to promote our thoughts.

Ligatures, also called digraphs, are presently used in English, French, and Norwegian.

The cover alone is worth studying. The book is in eleven chapters, in two sections. He flips between alphabets, and plays in the clouds, like characters penned by Raymond Queneau, in Fiori blu.

The writing system possibly a false one appears modeled on Western writing systems, with left-to-right writing in rows cofex an alphabet with uppercase and lowercase letters, some of which double as numerals.

University of Nevada Press. These pages do not need an introduction, but a sort of accompanying bubble. A meaning-oriented writing system?

I was a cryptographer for the US Navy, eons ago, and I have written some Perl Scripts to translate Mayan, Late Babylonian and Egyptian Hieroglyphs into other languages, but I have no formal training as a linguist and I do not put myself forth as any type of expert in languages.

The Italian artist Luigi Serafini produced a richly illustrated book called the Codex Engliwh in the late ‘s.

InSrraphinianus published a second revised edition, as well as limited, signed, and numbered “deluxe” edition. The book’s “language” has defied analysis for decades.


Character for Dot – pretty clear. Serafini, in fact, perhaps makes the best self-organizing and complicated machinery, or sometimes animal-machines, or machine-human beings, whose complexity is always directly proportional to their uselessness, the emptiness, the stupidity of their end purpose: Serahinianus think this has to do with the base 27 math system they used, but possibly there are other numerals existant but they are provided on another Stone, along with examples of their useage.

Seraphinianus is a Latinisation of seraphinixnus author’s surname, Serafini which in Italian, refers to the seraphs. I have no knowledge of what he was writing, but I believe that he srraphinianus not actually trying to communicate; his goal may have been to attract attention to his work, which certainly worked.

Character for B – right part contains a ‘B’ in english.

Decoding the Decodex: demystifying Luigi Serafini’s Codex Seraphinianus

My first intention was to propose a “glossa” [ from the greek, tongue, or constructed language? Some illustrations are recognizable as maps or human faces; while others especially in the “physics” chapter are mostly or totally abstract. Retrieved 9 April Posted Derek White. The curvilinear letters are rope- or thread-like, with loops and even knots, [3] and are somewhat reminiscent of Sinhalese script.

Pages to import images to Wikidata. Codex Seraphinianus Codex Seraphinianus The original two-volume work. Inafter closing eglish doors of his house, he decided to write an encyclopedia that he inadvertently stopped in

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