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Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the three pads. Make sure the pliers are not bare metal or they will get too hot to handle when heating. The guide is organized into different methods. Simply heat one side until the solder is melted, then quickly move to the other side until the solder is melted.

Step 3 Suck any extra solder that is left between the pads and the part.

Step 4 Keep heating until the solder paste has melted into solder all the way around the part. A simplified list is included with each method to identify which types of SMD components are for the appropriate method.

Edal Industries Edal Industries. If there are bridges you will need to knpp the part, remove it, suck the solder from the pads and the part, and repeat the procedure with less solder paste. Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the two cinetec.


Golledge Electronics Golledge Electronics. Tecate Group Tecate Group Z A properly soldered joint should have a curved line from the end of the pad to lnp top of the part as shown in the pictures. Contact the pin and pad at the same time with the conrner of the tip.

CINETECH – Hard to find / Shortage

Blow on the part to harden the solder. The following instructions are for a heat gun only.

Dean Technology Dean Technology. Diodes, Capacitors and Resistors in sizes like,,and In addition Alpha Electronics has strong capabilities in production of custom products – tailored to your specific needs. Crescent Frequency Crescent Frequency.

Step 4 Now solder the other two pins, one-at-a-time. The amount is learned by trail and error and experience.

3D Glasses – Polarizing

Method 1 – Pin by pin Used for: Quickly remove the iron and using a solder sucker, suck the excess solder from between the pins. If there is, re-apply solder between the pins and re-suck. Step 1 Set the part on the board and line it up as it would be soldered. Step 2 Grab the 14 pin SOP part with very fine tweezers. Freebird Semiconductor Freebird Semiconductor.


Do not hesitate contacting: Using the heat gun, apply heat to the part by holding the heat gun 8cm 3′ away from the board. Sussex Semiconductors Sussex Semiconductors.

Use needle-nose pliers to hold the part in place while heating. Heat the pad already with solder and slide the part onto the pad so that it is centered between the pads. To use this method you will need a head gun or a PCB oven. Cineech the part overtop of the pads, slight to one side so that the part can sit flat against the PCB.

UPE_金山 | Chinsan_易容网

Step 1 Place a small amount of solder on one of the conner pads. Crystek Corporation Crystek Corporation.

Aker Technology Aker Technology. Step 5 Suck the solder off the pads ready for the new part. Method 3 – Solder paste Used for: Continue by flooding the other row of pins.

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