Bank of America is Celent’s Model Bank of the Year Celent has awarded its Model Bank of the Year to Bank of America for its efforts to. While Celent’s vision of Model Bank remains constant, much has changed over ten years. We look back at the history of Model Bank and its. NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Celent, a global financial services research and advisory firm, today announced that MoneyLion – the.

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A subscription is required to activate this feature. Celent has awarded its Model Bank of the Year to Bank of America for its efforts to break down silos and bring all of its resources to bear in the service of customer-centricity. However, in exceptional circumstances, we may allow extra few days to submit an application.

Click to express your interest in this report. We will also email all nominees who did not win the award, typically a couple of days after we communicate results to the winners.

The nomination process is now closed.

Celent Model Bank Awards | Celent

New products for retail and corporate customers, or significant improvements to existing ones. In addition, we ask all award winners to support us by:. Reviewing the draft and managing any necessary internal approvals to allow us to publish the case study in the report.

Overview Brief description of the company, usually from corporate literature. Model Bank winners are featured in Celent celentt studies.

If you are not a client, we can share the report featuring your case study upon request. We expect to publish the Model Celemt reports on 12th April Undoubtedly, the highlight was attending Celent’s Innovation and Insight Day on April 4th, where we celebrated achievements of the Model Bank and Model Insurer award winners.


Supplying any available visuals e. In addition, we again recognize one financial institution as our Model Bank of the Year.

Celent will publicly announce all Model Bank award winners bakn the award ceremony.

Approve the case study for publishing — as early as possible, but no later than two weeks prior to the awards ceremony. Legacy Transformation Large scale transformation of legacy platforms. Every year we suggest five to eight categories and invite banks to nominate their technology initiatives.

Many of us at Celent just came back from a busy and exciting week in Boston. An invitation to the awards ceremony A press release issued by Celent announcing and congratulating all the winners. While the vision remained the same, much has changed over 10 years. The creation of a lasting social impact e.

Introducing Celent Model Bank Awards | Celent

Movel, the main purpose of this report is to provide an overview of Model Bank He or she should be your first port of call for any additional questions you might have about the Model Bank program. Winner Award Alior Bank S. If there is a vendor involved and contact details are available, we will copy the vendor as well. Market and competition, or anything else relevant to understanding the case study. Celent will work with each winner to publish a case study of their winning initiative, which will be available for Celent Banking research subscription clients.

The nomination must be submitted by a Financial Institution e. The information you will have supplied in the application form will serve as a great starting point crlent the case study. Model Bank of the Year is not a specific category and banks do not nominate themselves for this award. At the absolute minimum, we need to have the case study written and approved by the FI, in order to still proceed with the award. Subscribers should sign in to access this research.


The interview questions would broadly follow this outline. Interesting pilots and proofs-of-concept with emerging technologies e. Subscribers should sign in to access this research.

Support Celent in writing the case study about your initiative. We want to hear about expected impact on the business, although recognise that it might be difficult to demonstrate quantifiable business benefits at this stage. Finally, congratulations to Celent Model Insurer award recipients. Bank of Bxnk, one of the bano four US retail banks, has demonstrated that size, while sometimes a hindrance in innovating quickly, is not a definitive roadblock to developing new and useful products and services driven by technology.

The FIs are welcome to submit multiple nominationsbut they must be substantively different. A subscription is required to activate this feature.

Size can, in fact, be an advantage, particularly when it comes to the amount of resources available to enhance digital products. As regular readers of this blog know, this year we introduced specific named awards with only a single winner for each award.

Celent Model Bank Awards

Deploying innovative technologies that enhance customer experience e. Inwe introduced specific named awards with a single winner for each award.

Click to express your interest in this report. Contact us for more info. Winning the Model Bank award gives the institution a number of privileges including: Mizuho Financial Group, Japan.

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