Avalon Fletching Jig Avalon Magneto Fletching Jig. This great value for money fletching jig from Avalon is easy to set up and simple to use, the. Based on the Spigarelli jig, Cartel’s version allows for a good job and with it’s price hard to beat. Designed for desk top use with magnetic clamp, easy to use and. For anyone who asked for the Cartel Fletching Jig instructions they can be found on this link.

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Figured out how to use it and began fletching arrows in less than 5 mins.

Steve archers-review on Oct 11, I’ve had two of these in the last three years and in both cases the bearing have gone. Mainland UK Shipping Guide: BUT there are no instructions packed with it. Cartel Fletching Jig Customer Rating: I eased the tightness on the 1st grub screw 3 fletchand took out completely the 4 fletch grub screw, ball bearing and spring. Just check all the screws on delivery and make sure that the small screws holding the rotating end in place, haven’t stripped their threads, though a dot of glue solves the problem anyway.

instryctions All metal construction fletches carbon, aluminium and wood shafts. If applying online, please select ‘Finance’ as your payment method during checkout and we will e-mail you an application link during working hours. Reviews 13 Review s 1 2 3 4 5 Submit Review.


For four fletches just screw down the one at the further end and unscrew halfway the near one – it sounds complicated but it’s simple in essence. No hesitation in recommending it and well priced. Jerry you have mail… incidentally I keep meaning to review the Sherwood jig and will stick it on the list.

Found that this improved the turn significantly but did happen to jam at times.

Cartel Fletching Jig

Well, it doesn’t have any bearing!!! Jade on Dec 13, Just wish that they would do a helical clamp. Fix it to a bench or a small board for stability while gluing the vanes in place.

Steve and Andy Steve Nicholson and Andy Gilfrin, are real archers interested in the best archery suppliers have to offer. Sign up to our newsletter for exclusive deals, offers and news: Mick Thompson on Aug 30, You mention the adjuster for tension on the clamp. Thank you for your support.

Cartel Fletching Jig

A great solid product made with decent materials, if they would just produce a helical clamp then the Cartel jig would have the fletching game sewn up. Undo the grub screws and take the shaft out, then put a bit of copper jiig on the shaft and it will last you for years.

Designed for desk top use with magnetic clamp, easy to use and adjust. If you don’t use instruchions then this jig will be an obvious choice.

Archers Review: Cartel Fletching Jig Review

It seems a common complaint is the lack of instructions provided, however the use of a fletching jig is quite intuitive once you have played with it for 10 minutes. Following step three, your order will be ready and waiting for you!


It has the standard nock receiver adjuster which will enable both 3 and 4 fletching, The one nearest the nock slot is for 3 fletch fletching, just screw it down flush and raise the other one to halfway.

So before I do any damage fiddling with it can anyone email me a copy.

Even for a 1st time fletcher I was able to fletch a dozen arrows easily. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Jan Nygreen on Jan 12, Must have been designed by a Victorian engineer — built like a battleship. This is maybe why it was sold in the first place. A deposit is required for each purchase and must be paid for using a credit or debit card.

Great Jig, had mine over 3 years now. The turning component was getting stuck after the third vane so I undid all the grub screws and took apart the entire jig to understand all the working components. Instructions don’t come with it, but they can be downloaded.

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