A crappy Chinese capacitor company “CapXon” handing out a bunch of mid- range low temperature caps inside of a confined space where there can be up to 4. CapXon LZ datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Buy uF 16V LZ 8x20mm C (Capxon) CapXon, Capacitors – Aluminium Capacitors (Through Hole), Ёмкость: µF, Номин. напряж.: 16 V, Серия: LZ, .

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The Caps I pulled out of the Samsung were mostly or uF. CapXon looks to be exactly the same dell monitor that I repaired over in this thread. After replacing them, the monitor came to life again! The middle capacitor had much more yellow junk on it but I brushed it off by accident.

If I were you I’d replace the other 5 fatter caps while you’re at it. It get hot and vacuum pump sucks the hot solder off the board. The Samsung board also had 3x uf 25v caps which i replaced as well on all of the boards I caapxon because I have little to no respect to CapXon. That is with removing them from the circuit too! United Kingdom Line Voltage: Getting capacitors is easy, you can go through mouseror digikeyor even Ebay so long as you watch what you are buying try not to get caps from china that do not have a brand-name behind them as they -could- be the crap tin-and-paper caps.

The time now is capxn CapXon crapacitors belong in a landfill, immediately after manufacture, and shame on Samsung and all manufacturers for using them.

  5ST3 010 PDF

One which has caused some attention and lawsuits similar to dell and other companies dealing with. For future reference it is better to title thread capxoh brand and model then problem. CapXon I found the model number of the capacitors.

Dapxon 4 your Life! Ask a Question Want lx reply to this thread or ask your own question?

ITS-LZ 2560 D 12V

Best of luck, Mason. Glad you got it working. Samsung Monitor and HP desktop power supply had them and they are cooked. Good luck and hope it works out!

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Oh, and the opposite side of the Cap czpxon Here is the pic of the new Panasonic caps on the power board. Last edited by Krankshaft; at CapXon That capacitor will work perfectly for your monitor. Especially any in the same brand and series.

A side-note we have been also fixing dells and Acers which experience similar problems. When I tried to open the cap caxon was a big hiss like when you puncture a aerosol can. Radio Shack only carries General Purpose capacitors not usually suited for use in a power supply. What about polymer capacitors ca;xon use on power boards?

Bad Capacitor – Thanks CapXon Caps and Samsung

Find More Posts by PlainBill. CapXon Had the same thing happen, ordered the same caps from digikey. Hi CapacitorUser Welcome to the Forum! Don’t know if its interesting but I took apart one of the culprits and pictures are provided. Originally Posted by Tornath So does that mean that the Capacitors linked are both appropriate for my needs?


Versus hundreds of dollars. Picture above is the approximate representation of that power board. Last edited by Tornath; at Find More Posts by Dasutin.

Find More Posts by Kurogane. Originally Posted by Rulycat Being right next capzon a hot heatsink does them no favours either, on some monitors the heatsink reaches over the caps to make sure they’re extra toasty Found Cap Xon Electrolytic capacitors in my Extron switch mode power supplies. And I will say that in a default capacitor variety pack an uf capacitor is not all that common, especially at 25v So what does any good tech do? Go for a good quality i. All times are GMT You must log in or sign up to reply here.

At least a few other people have learned that they can be fixed relatively easily. Cool was looking up that cap brand and found your site.

CapXon LZ datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The caps are rated: Get a solder sucker. If 2 are bad, I’d be looking at any others in that area and perhaps in other areas for possible failures.

Once you find the series, go to CapXon’s website and look up the specific caoxon that you need. Japanese low-ESR electrolytic from a reputable supplier.

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