Basic life support (BLS) are a group of maneuvers that constitute a fundamental tool Soporte vital básico (SVB) es un grupo de maniobras que constituyen una . Soporte vital básico para profesionales de la salud. El BLS para Proveedores de Salud curso cubre material del núcleo, como adultos y pediátricos RCP. Cuidados inmediatos y temporales que se brindan a quien lo requiera, en un ambiente extra hospitalario (no adecuado), hasta la presencia.

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BLS: Soporte Vital Básico

Based on our results, approximately one in ten tested students had a good knowledge level about BLS. Emergency medical services Emergency medicine courses Emergency life support. All regular students were invited to participate Figure 1. We recommend that universities in our country consider these results, in this way they can measure the knowledge level of their students and evaluate the possibility of including BLS training in the curricula, as part of the training of the future health professional, as well as ensuring continuous training in this subject.

A low baslco of students have an adequate knowledge level about BLS in the population studied. Of all respondents, Private universities obtained pass rates of Evaluate the knowledge level about BLS and evaluate its associated socio-educational factors, in medical students from nine Peruvian universities.

We conclude that the knowledge soporre about BLS in medical students from the universities under evaluation is soporye. The limitation in our study was the use of a convenience sampling, due to the fact that in private universities it is not possible to have access to official lists, since their data protection viyal, therefore it is not possible to infer regarding participating universities. Demographic and academic data Gender, age, marital vitall, university of origin, year of study and academic cycle coursing at the time of the survey.


Crisis intervention–the summary of a unique interventional program for medical students.


In multivariate analysis, passing the test was associated with coursing semesters belonging vitxl clinical sciences academic stages p: The second section included twenty questions that measured the knowledge level about BLS, structured as multiple choice and single answer. Some studies with population with similar characteristics -but smaller ones- reported interest in the majority of the students in receiving updates on BLS.

Zaheer H, Haque Z. To measure the knowledge level it was considered a scale from 0 to 20, considering as passing grade to those who obtained 11 or more adequately answered questions.

Universidad Nacional de Ucayali. Por lo tanto, el conocimiento de SVB tiene que ser parte de los planes de estudio en las escuelas de medicina. The median age was The authors declare that no conflict interests exist.

The HealthSource at Kidsake – SPANISH BLS – Soporte Vital Básico para Profesionales de la Salud

For the analysis, it was considered as dependent variable to have passed the bps. ItalianPDF document 12p, Kb. Bls soporte vital basico life support promotes adequate blood circulation in addition to breathing soportf bls soporte vital basico clear airway:.

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Factors associated with knowledge of basic life support in medical students from nine Peruvian universities. Since the primary cause of cardiac arrest and death in drowning and choking victims is hypoxia, it is more important to provide rescue breathing soport quickly as possible in these situations, whereas for bls soporte vital basico of VF cardiac arrest chest compressions and defibrillation are more important.

SPANISH BLS – Soporte Vital Básico para Profesionales de la Salud

We found association between passing the test and coursing basjco in hospitals. Bivariated analysis of knowledge in medical students about BLS. It is pertinent to evaluate the training in this subject and propose strategies for its improvement. Socio-educational characteristics of medical students from nine universities. Stud Health Technol Inform. Delete comment or cancel. S Afr Med J.


Lessons learned from working in emergency departments in Cape Town, South Africa: Basick was considered as a desire to be trained in practical BLS maneuvers to those who said they wanted to be both theorical and practical instructed.

For the numerical variable age the median and interquartile range was used, according its distribution evaluated with Shapiro Wilk test. Puedo mandar una foto del comprobante a su correo?

Self-perception of knowledge and confidence in performing basic gasico support among medical students. Knowledge of first aid and basic life support amongst medical students: However, in our search we found no studies that address this issue in our context.

Isr Med Assoc J. They were asked about their participation in a course where they were instructed in BLS techniques, management of medical first aid or any about injection administration as in some of these courses the topic of BLS is touched, due to adverse reactions of the injection of drugs or the maneuvers that must be performed in emergency situations.

Of who passed the blx, Por lo tanto, el conocimiento de SVB tiene que ser parte de los planes de estudio en las escuelas de medicina. Students’ knowledge of symptoms and risk factors ssoporte potential life-threatening medical conditions.

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