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The portable cephalostat was specifically confected for this study and consisted of a metal structure with an acrylic part to which the ear rods were attached. InSolow and Tallgren 27 found a standard deviation of 2. Subject Area Practice Field.

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An auxiliary light source was set up in a box 32 cm 3 on a metal support cm in height. However, clinicians should assess whether xtlas photography was really carried out with the patient in the NHP prior to performing the facial analysis.

There are two methods for obtaining the NHP. The box was lined with aluminum foil on the sides, black TNT fabric on the posterior portion and a white TNT fabric on the anterior portion. Pre-clinical Unit 3 Year 3. The present study found that the NHP is a method with good reproducibility, corroborating previous studies.

Effect of orthodontic fixed appliances on salivary flow and viscosity

Services on Demand Journal. Another alternative would be to attach the string to the light box. This lesser variation has been confirmed by a number of authors. A cephalometric analysis based on natural head position. Although the NHP is recognized in the literature as a reliable position, different methods for obtaining this position are cited.

Once the patient remained stable in the NHP, the ear rods were inserted with light skin contact. Head posture and dentofacial proportions. Arnett and Bergman 2 prefer the NHP in facial analysis, stating that it does not exhibit the same variation as intercranial points. The NHP proved ortpdoncia be a method with good reproducibility in children.



The Shapiro-Wilk revealed that these data exhibited normal distribution. Although positional variations have viais that patients in this age group should receive additional orientation on NHP photographs, there were no significant differences in the NHP within a day interval with or without the aid of a cephalostat in the present study. In most cases, however, the measures exhibited little variability in the photographs with and without the cephalostat Fig 7.

To know the essential theoretical basis of craniofacial growth, dentition development, etiology and diagnosis of occlusal and skeletal fiazis. Orthod I Providing theoretical and practical foundations necessary to the orthodontic clin practice, enabling them, as future generalist dentists, to identify, diagnose and treat orthodontic problems using removable and functional appliances 1.

January Revised and accepted: Viaxis keys to orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning.

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Simple technique to achieve a ortldoncia head position for cephalography. It would therefore be ideal to take repeated photos in order to certify that the patient is in the NHP.

A natural head position in standing subjects. The Mann-Whitney test was used to compare absolute angular differences between T1 and T2 with and without the cephalostat. Siersbaek-Nielsen S, Solow B. Language of Instruction Portuguese. A vertical line VL was used as reference for the measurements. Table 2 displays the absolute angular differences between T1 and T2 for the photos taken with and without the cephalostat.

Arnett et al 3 detailed the analysis of soft tissues based on the philosophy of “Facial Keys”, which reinforces the need for the use of the NHP. Reproducibility of the NHP between both photograph sessions was evaluated using an angular measurement between the reference vertical line and a profile line passing through the soft pogonion and the upper lip point.

Natural head position – a revival. The NHP was obtained following the method proposed by Solow and Tallgren 27 adapted to photographs with and without the aid of a cephalostat. Orthodontics I – 1Orthodontics: The advantage of recording the NHP resides in the fact that an either horizontal or vertical extra-cranial reference line can be used.


Lin and Arild 15 found a large variation in the NHP of children between six and nine years of age assessed longitudinally. Providing theoretical and practical foundations necessary to the orthodontic clin practice, enabling them, as future generalist xtlas, to identify, diagnose and treat orthodontic problems using removable and functional appliances.

The mean value between these values was used for statistical purposes. Shanghai Kou Qiang Yi Xue. Goldreich HN et giazis. Essentials of facial growth.

An adjustable device on the atlaw portion of the structure parallel to floor contained a red cotton string 0. A mirror was used in the present study and the standard deviation was 1. Cooke and Wei 8 analyzed the use of the ear rods of the cephalostat and found no significant influence regarding the obtainment of the NHP.

The importance of the reproducibility of the NHP is justified by the fact that facial analysis is essential to orthodontic diagnoses. Acquiring, combining and interpreting theoretical fundamentals aiming specific clinical applications:. Five-year reproducibility of natural head posture: Based on the protocol of the present study, the researcher did not interfere in the positioning of the patient, as the intention of the study was to observe the reproducibility of the NHP in children.

The Frankfurt horizontal plane parallel to soil is the most commonly used reference for positioning patients during photographic or radiographic records, as recommended by Burstone.

Solow B, Tallgren A. In the dr method, the patient’s head is orientated to his or her NHP and a mark or plumb line is used as a reference point in radiographs or photographs. A similar situation occurred when the photographs were taken without the use of the cephalostat, with some cases exhibiting no significant differences between photo sessions Fig 5 and others exhibiting considerable variation Fig 6.

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