The Arab Mind by Raphael Patai Pg Much has been written on the subject of honor (sharaf) among the Arabs. What has not been emphasized, at lea. Raphael Patai’s The Arab Mind is a “field tested” book—and I mean . Raphael Patai wrote optimistically about the future of the Arab world. The book in question is called The Arab Mind, and is by Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist who taught at several US universities.

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I’d say this is one of the few books I’ve seen written about Arabs by a non-Arab person, but in a fair and arabb explained manner. Once aroused, African hostility will vent itself indiscriminately on all outsiders. After the patrol, I check with the sergeant, who spoke Arabic, not believing what I saw. Questions like why Western colonists are hated so much more than the Ottomons who colonized all of the Arab countries far longer, the Arab relationship with modernity, its treatment of women, episodes of sudden and inexplicable emotional outbursts are adequately c For a detailed anthropological study of the Arab race, Raphael has indeed done a pretty thorough job.

These children were related and known to these rphael. In “outlying areas”, such as Siwa oasis in Egypt, Patai says, “homosexuality is the rule, and practised completely in rraphael open”. A very unscientific, biased and full-of-lies-book. We, and our government officials, soldiers, businesspeople and diplomats, pafai ourselves no favors by deliberately blinding ourselves to reality, both its ugly and its pretty faces. There is also a good deal of confusion in the book between the present and the past.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat Want to Read saving…. I read this book about a year and a half prior to my first mjnd to Iraq. It clears up a few things but it also makes me realize how far apart our thinking is.

The Arab Mind

The book explains why Arab adults asked me to shoot mindd children. As an Arab, I am amazed at this author what genius he has in presenting the Arab mind as if he is an insider himself.

He has demonstrated the Arab conscience, both internal and external in great detail with countless examples from the current history. See 1 question about The Arab Mind….


Retrieved from ” https: I will try to make my review as short as possible, but i want to indicate something that no one aarab about; Patai was Jewish, rapharl lived in the time of Arab-Israeli conflicts, so i can’t trust him a bit, and it’s understandable that he might sided with Israel, rwphael come on, why relying on his account while i have much better books A very unscientific, biased and full-of-lies-book.

On patrol in Jabalya, a small city in Gaza While patrolling a side street with 3 three other soldiers we had a group of 20 to 30, 7 to 8 year old Arab children following after us A first source book to help each of us understand Arab Culture the is the complete opposite of Western culture. All this adds up to an overwhelmingly negative picture of the Arabs.

To ask other readers questions about The Arab Mindplease sign up. The author has ptaai in the Middle East for extensive periods of time and has many Arab friends.

If you say to my father that so and so is a fahlwai, he would smile rapheal say, good for him; such a clever man! Originally published inthe revised edition of has been recognized as one of the seminal works in the field of Middle Eastern studies.

I can go on and on and on. Patai and Nydell also address improvidence, predestination, the tendency to substitute words for action, violence of words, control of temper, etc. In some ways, the book’s wrab to the military is easy to understand, because it gives a superficially coherent view of the Arab enemy and their supposed personality defects.

Learned the assumptions about womens’ sexuality that they are insatiable and cannot control themselves that influences the societal seperation of the sexes, and how it also serves as something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. You would probably imagine them to be the musings of some 19th century colonialist. He backs up this claim with two quotations: Subjects ArabsIn library. He likes Arabs and Arab culture. The classic study of Arab culture and society.

I will try to make my review as short as possible, but i want to indicate something that no one talked rapahel Patai was Jewish, he lived in the time of Arab-Israeli conflicts, so i can’t trust him a bit, and it’s understandable that he might sided with Israel, but come on, why relying on his account while i have much better books Arabs: None of the academics I contacted thought the book suitable for serious study, although Georgetown University once invited students to analyse it as “an example of bad, biased social science”.


Goodreads helps mibd keep track of books you want to read.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have a lot more study to do! In fact, they come from a book promoted by its US publisher as “one of the great classics of cultural studies”, and described by Publisher’s Weekly as “admirable”, “full of insight” and with “an impressive spread of scholarship”. Very detailed, not an easy read.

There are chapters on the language, personality, Bedouin values and the Bedouin ethos and modern society, sexual relations, emotions and reality, art, music and literature, unity and conflict, conflict resolution, Arab stagnation, and the psychology of westernization.

The Arab mind | Open Library

No, I can’t explain it in a few ralhael. He confirmed to me, that the adults had told us to shoot their children. I am really astonished at how the author claimed living between Arabs, yet most of what he talks about is nonsense. Now for God’s sake who would believe such crap? Carmen Rawls, a college friend who is a Religious Scholar and a convert to Islam.

I found it to be an enlightening book. I encourage all Americans to read this book. Patai links the Arab character to the Bedouin tradition e. My goal is to read it by the end of the year since I’m not working!

‘Its best use is as a doorstop’ | World news | The Guardian

The book was described by The Guardian correspondent Brian Whitaker as one that presents “an overwhelmingly negative picture of the Arabs. Replace the word “African” in the quotations above with the word “Arab”, and you have them as they rwphael in the book. Purchased from my local library sale. Controversial and scathing in parts, this book should be read with caution and balanced by other study.

As about as non biased as you will find and it cites a wealth of research. Open Preview See a Problem?

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