Provide a comfortable environment for your visitors without compromising policies and procedures with Symmetry GUEST. Automate manual processes around. Symmetry Software. Installation Manual. For Business, Professional and Enterprise Editions. SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. This User Guide provides instructions for using the StoneLock Management System (SLMS) to integrate StoneLock Pro with AMAG’s. Symmetry Platform.

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Escalating violence means organizations need actionable information in real-time to protect employees, staff and customers. Understanding who is entering your building is more critical than ever. Organizations deploy operational changes when forced to meet compliance, streamline processes to save money or mitigate risk.

Contact us to see how we can Achieve More Together. Disparate systems flow into one system to provide real-time intelligence and achieve optimal command and control. Security operators are not as efficient when having to jump between systems when responding to an alarm.

Avigilon AMAG Symmetry Integration User Manual

No other company delivers a security platform as robust, flexible, affordable and complete. Implementing the right technologies will automate manual cumbersome manual processes, meet strict audit and compliance requirements and reduce operating costs. The open integration platform with advanced mapping and workflow engine delivers a powerful solution.

Organizations can no longer treat security as a separate part of manuaal business.

Symmetry CompleteView Video Management System is a leading edge approach to video surveillance offering users unlimited scalability and flexibility. Powerful video management aids in crisis planning and emergency preparedness.


Enlist the help of employees to manage visitors, while procuring the data necessary to meet compliance. With new threats continuously emerging, the security landscape has evolved to include cyber security, active shooters and terrorist activities. When decisions need to be made quickly, situational awareness can mean the difference between life and death.

With compliance at the forefront of security programs, Symmetry CONNECT automates complex processes, helping companies save money and meet audit requirements in a simple, affordable way.

Akag partnership approach puts you first as we work to understand your business and become your trusted advisor. The unified platform of Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CompleteView Video Management works for any size and type of business, offering a simple to use interface and friendly experience.

Having a clear understanding of what is happening at your organization helps mitigate risk. Symmetry Access Control Systems are designed to suit every type and size of organization from small offices and colleges through to government agencies and multi-national corporations. Companies must blend their business goals with their security goals to align synergies symmftry streamline processes.

Scalable, flexible video management should operate on any device for ease of use, providing video at the touch of a button. Access control can provide valuable data to help an organization meet compliance requirements, and when integrated with video, identity management or visitor management, deliver a unified platform that is easy to operate.

Light bulbs burn out, slip and falls occur and doors are propped open. Access control should not only secure doors, but server racks, parking lots, and pharmacy cabinets. Using technology, mining visitor data is simple, and allows companies to better protect employees, assets and buildings, as well as automate all processes associated with a visitor. Using technology, mining visitor data is simple, and allows companies to better protect employees, assets and buildings.


Organizations can no amaag treat security as a separate part of the business. Automate manual processes around requesting visitors and scheduling meetings while meeting compliance requirements. Virgin Islands Port Authority.

AMAG Technology

Manage all alarms and events and improve situational awareness from a single operational window. RISK enables manuual to automate, investigate, analyze and document incidents so businesses can make informed decisions to operate efficiently, mitigate risk and enforce compliance.

Understanding who is entering your building is more critical than ever.

They need to streamline their response time with automated workflows via a single window to increase efficiencies and make decisions quickly. As the work day ebbs and flows, things happen. Our new Symmetry Control Room command and control software enables users to operate more efficiently by managing multiple systems sjmmetry a single operational window. Capturing the right data and establishing consistent workflows that align with company policies will help companies investigate ysmmetry resolve incidents and improve the bottom line.

Organizations can get everything they need from AMAG. Companies must blend their business goals with their security goals to align synergies and streamline processes.

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