Ali H. Soufan is a Lebanese-American former FBI agent who was involved in a number of . Works[edit]. The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda. W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 5. The Black Banners. The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda. Ali Soufan (Author). With Daniel Freedman. Sign up for the monthly New Releases. The Black Banners has ratings and reviews. Trish said: Ali Soufan was an FBI Special Agent in charge of Al Qaeda-related research and attacks w.

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Related to This Book Ex-F. There is not another book that I am aware of that gives the same perspective and detail about many of these events as this one. Soufan and the FBI formally ceased anyinvolvement in the case.

Soufan makes the case that the FBI tried and true techniques produce results without undermining our principles or breaking thhe laws.

The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda by Ali H. Soufan

Soufan knows exactly what he is talking about, and does us all a serviceby having set it down in The Black Banner. It is not only a work that feels true, banneds is proven to actually be true, which is refreshing. They hired a psychologist, Boris, with no experience and used EIT of his devising on high value detainees. It was tough getting through the beginning, but well worth slogging through the background part.

No one did more to unravel the story of al-Qaeda than Ali Soufan. Additionally, while some of the redactions were easily dismissed, the absence of entire A more correct subtitle would have been: The author gives a brief history of Islamic radicalism, hitting on Qutb in Egypt in the ‘s, the seizure of the Grand Mosque in see Trofimovthe various influences on Osama Bin Laden, the mixture of Salafis and Taqfiris in Saudi Arabia during the s and the jihad against the USSR, and the history of the formation of Al Qaeda.

Set up a giveaway. Inexplicably even as he was in the middle of an interrogation with a cooperating witness, the CIA decided that This is a book I would consided owning. Soufan was handed a secret file. The CIA later re-wrote history about arrests and timelines that suggest waterboarding worked just fine. If you want to understand recent history, read what the participants wrote. Soufan’s account has been called the most detailed to date by an insider concerning the American investigations of Al Qaeda and the major attacks that the group carried out, including bombings of American Embassies in East Africa, the U.


However, some other conclusions made me feel that FBI operatives like Ali Soufan are so fully immersed in their jobs of debriefing suspects and capturing extremists that they lose the detached perspective of the ordinary citizen outside.

The Black Banners

Rereading them in this book made me nauseous as I’ve learned soufaj thing or two about the Founding-Constutional generation which sharpens my own personal take on what it means to be an American. Stockdale was also very clear that he would not allow himself to be captured again. After watching “Zero Dark Thirty” I got an impression that the use of torture was somehow effective.

Soufan is a Lebanese-American former FBI agent who was involved in a number of high-profile anti-terrorism cases both in the United States and around the world.

In fact, the use of torture was counterproductive, and the invaluable information was achieved by finding ways to relate to the suspect, not degrading him. Nov 29, Kenyon Harbison rated it it was amazing. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

Soufan has an excellent grasp of the art of speaking with “bad guys”. The author does mention that the CIA redacted parts of his book that were public info which was intriguing. Soufaan to successful interrogation is to never let the suspect know that he is giving you information you didn’t know. United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

Soufan matched wits with captors, using an apologetic to reason with them about the hadiths, and writes that the West today must “outwit” the terrorists similarly. Books by Ali H.

Admirably, he wanted soufqn give something back to the country that had given him so much. Also infuriating was hearing of how senior members of the Administration pressured banneers FBI to draw conclusions to support ideological positions despite facts to the contrary.

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A New Yorker article in described Soufan as coming closer than anyone to preventing the September 11 attackseven implying that he would have succeeded had the CIA been willing to share information with him.

The Black Banners – Foreign Policy

It’s unfortunate that the Central Intelligence Agency required significant redactions to several chapters in the book, especially since many of the redacted passaged are currently in the pubic record. Published September 12th by W. A list of many of the books is at the bottom of this post. Anyone who wants to know what really happened should read it. A word here, a half a paragraph there, two parts of a sentence missing the middle.

This book completely changed my perspective about EIT, or enhanced interrogation techniques. Share your thoughts with other customers. The book’s basic structure is that of an organization’s internal history: This is not to say that the author is not knowledgable about the subject of Al Qaeda or bwnners his experiences with the bureaucracy and methodology of the American intelligence system shouldn’t sicken the citizen at large, but it is to say that the scope of this book is narrower than the title would lead one to believe.

He finds that many joined to help support their families, and many turned after Al Qaeda funds began to dry up and the thw was unresponsive to their individual needs.

The prisoners came to realize that most anything could be tortured out of them but that the goal was to provide as little as possible in each session and to include some misleading information. The writing is refreshingly clear and focused. This was an incredibly accessible book that walked through the timeline of Soufan’s time with the FBI.

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