The Hamburg cultural scientist Aby M. Warburg (–) was a pioneer of the modern study of art and visual culture. Before the First World War, he made. In December , Warburg started to compose a work in the form of a picture atlas named Mnemosyne. In Aby Warburg began his picture atlas „Mnemosyne“ – he, his method and its use in visual studies stood fairly alone. Working with photographs was by no.

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The legend says that he “sold” this privilege of being the future head of the family for his brothers’ promise to support the scholar until the end of his life.

Things That Inspire Us: Aby Warburg – Mnemosyne Atlas | Curator

For this reason Warburg who knew Panofsky well, was one of the initiators for founding a university, improving the intellectual situation of the public and through this promoting new fields of research, and Panofsky was appointed one of its first professors together with Warburg. Leaving behind the alternative of an ascending or descending tree, derivation is here projected into the horizontal plane. Kulturwissenschaft als GeistespolitikFrankfurt am Main After the war the mnemosne was re-opened in London by Saxl and Bing to be incorporated into the University, now to be called The Warburg Institute, mnemosynne Saxl as its first director.

The most famous photo of the trip shows Warburg holding a half naked dancer resting. Aby Bay showed an early interest in literature and history and the second eldest son, Max Warburg went into the Hamburg bank, younger brothers Paul and Felix also entered banking.

Art historical material for a developmental physiology of the pendulous movement [ Pendelgang ] between stating a cause [ Ursachensetzung ] by means of images and doing this by means of signs.

Wzrburg detail of the image is not only a sophisticated quotation of contemporary ideas, it is a hyperlink to cultural history. Were they to show chronologically, the tradition of forms and gestures; or were they to make invisible things, like the function of a given work of art, visible by relating it to similar or different objects?

But Warburg’s character made it harder mnemoyne his reputation to persist after his death and survive the effects of emigration, prosecution, and destruction, or the political tensions of post-war restauration, cold war and finally the social revolution of the s and 70s.


Instead of moving in front of the pictures in the mne,osyne of a museum, the audience, during listening to the lecture, could, with their eyes, wander from one table to the other and visually move around between the images on each board, up and down, left and right, back and forth. This illustrates as much the complexity of the material as the difficulty of capturing it in words. Schoell-Glass shows in how far Warburg’s work was devoted not only to the history of culture but also to atlxs present relevance in society; she assumes that antisemitism in particular was the motor, the hidden thread mmemosyne motive for a research that tried to analyze processes of western culture in order to understand and extinct the roots of superstition, of antisemitism, or political radicalism.

Cinzia Fratucello and Christina Knorr, Ferrara He was now interested in applying the methods of natural science to the human sciences. He rejected a call to a professorship at the University of Halle in For a more detailed an Die Kulturwissenschaftliche Bibliothek Warburg: Two brothers Warburg founded the banking firm M. At the heart of his research was mnemoeyne legacy of the Classical World, and the transmission of classical representation, in the most varied areas of western culture through to the Renaissance.

Patricia Farazzi et Michel Atlsa Paris pp. Loading images Loading images.

He chose Mnemosyne, the Greek goddess of memory and mother of the muses, as the patron xby of his project. Warburg, a scholar from Hamburg and a cosmopolitan who called himself a Jew by blood, a Hamburger by heart and a Florentine in his soul.

This was the modell for a later project, the famous Mnemosyne Atlas that nowadays receives the most attention.

Aby Warburg. Mnemosyne Bilderatlas (English)

For the most part the subject matter of these texts remains in the field of cultural, religious and social phenomena and within the history of rational knowledge and its relation to magic or mystical traditions.

Santa Maria Novella, Florence.

To this end, he used reproductions of painting, graphics and sculpture and evidence from the applied arts such as carpets, genealogical tables, photographs and advertisements. Each table of the Mnemosynefor example, is very similar to the structure of Baroque emblem books where the picture is always accompanied by, firstly, a lemma, motto, or inscription, and, secondly, an epigram, subscription or explanation. Introduction by Kurt W.


Only some weeks later another one states optimistically that. Warbugg a certain degree, Warburg was overstrained by the possibilities of new media and the simoultaneous wish to communicate the value of classic art. Despite the discussion of the original structure, its categories and keywords, it is, in my opinion, more important to stress the ambivalence of different people and mentalities coming together in this library.

Aby Warburg. Mnemosyne Bilderatlas (English) | ZKM

Although the young Aby refused succeeding in the family tradition and decided to study the humanities, the world of trading and the mechanisms of social exchange remained one of the threads of his methodology. Unlike famous Swiss Historian Jacob Burckhardt, who was admired and criticized as stlas “wise man from Basel”, history was nothing to be narrated or reported as an event.

The couple had three children: Slowly people became aware that Warburg must have produced one of the most fascinating archives and complex libraries ever done; and that his work in total was an unparalleled survey of collective memory and its various media. Aby Warburg e la storia delle immagini astrologicheed. From this moment on, Cassirer and his colleagues were welcomed by an inscription above the inner door of the library where Warburg had placed the greek word MNEMOSYNE for “memory”, maintaining that the institute was devoted to the study of the “survival of the Antique” Nachleben.

The condition was accepted.

Aby Warburg

Begleitmaterial zur Ausstellung “Aby M. Research has to trace the social meaning of cultural and natural phenomena and contribute to a “Second Enlightenment” as Warburg called it. Images were their vehicles.

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